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If you don't see what you want, please ask.
We have dozens of talented performers who can generally

rise to any occasions. We often create new characters at out client's request.

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Eye Candy & Decor Trivia and Game ShowsWacky Walk-Arounds & MinglersComedy and Improv Circus Arts and Western Shows Stilt walkers Themed Costumed Characters Celeb Heads Wire Guys Wacky Wendy -Bottle Dancers Interactive Entertainment Human Statues Silhouette Artist Margarita Pracatan Misc


Eye Candy & Human Decor

Human Strolling Dessert Tables and Champagne Skirts
Human Red Carpets
Living Statues
LED Designs


Bride and Groom Tables


"Marie Antoinette"


A surrealistic yet functional way to present desserts or hors d'oeuvres. These costumes are built around actual tables which are on wheels and move with the performers. The bodices are white corsets embellished with mirrors that match the tabletops. The side ruffles are underlit to produce a soft glow. Available in white, black and other colors/themes.Great for weddings, corporate functions, promotional events
(Please note: It takes a lot of effort to be this fabulous! These tables are custom made and kept in separate storage. For each use, a van has to be rented, a driver/setup person AND a performer paid, and the entire shebang dry-cleaned and repaired when it's over. Hence, the price for one table begins at around $2000 in NYC, which is a bargain when you think about it! A second table is available for significantly less. Prices outside NYC negotiable.)

see more such tables in NYC,
Las Vegas, LA, Miami, Detroit

see more strolling tables/living statues and human decor
in NY Metro

see more such tables in Orlando

See human decor/champagan tables in Orlando

See strolling tables/champagne dresses, - Miami/So Florida

see more such tables in Ft. Lauderdale


Fantastic human decor, strolling tables, living statues, amazing body painting and much more!
(NYC metro)


click for more info Greater New York area

click for more info for Florida/Orlando


Amazing Body Painting!

Whether for a kids' party or a high-end corporate event, everyone says WOW! when then see Athena's fantastic trompe l'oeil body and face painting!

Incredible body Art - NYC

Click here to see many more



LED Stilt Walker! Fun!

Click for more info




Gorgeous Dessert Tables
(New York City boros and LI)

Pricing includes decor, signage, desserts, delivery, set up and breakdown.

click for more pix and info


Balloon Decor and Centerpieces

click for more pix and info




Light up your next
special event!
Check out our FABULOUS illuminated costumes (Orlando) -- human tables, interactice characters and freeze statues.

Click for more images/selections



Jazz Age Style!
Roaring 20's! Great Gatsby! Flappers!
Downton Abbey!

Strolling tables, freeze statues, walk-about characters,
stilt-greeters and 20's era celebrity impersonators.

Click for more info




Inflatables! Full Carnival Rentals and Amusements!
Bungee Jump! Climbing Wall! Bumper Cars!
Human Gyroscope! Rides! Seasonal Attractions!

inflatable corn maze



carnival and festival rentals


click here to see lots more!




Caitlin's Amazing Hula Hoop Show! 
Great for corporate events, conventions and
bar/bat mitzvahs! Orlando-based
click photo for more details and video

Hula Hoop Performer - Orlando


Amazing Amora
Fire Dancer!

Fire Dance Show - Orlando

click to see more



The Amazing Salvador!
Speed-Painter Extraordinaire!

speed painter - Orlando
Click to see more pix and video





Book one or a whole show of former American Idol contestants for your next party or corporate event! Click for more info.


Birthday Cake Girl

After years of demand, we finally have a "girl popping out of a birthday cake" A variety of costumes available. (based in NYC)

Hilarious S&M Birthday Clown

(click image for more info)



This female dancer is clad completely in black and covered an elaborate network of "neon" lights of all colors.  The lights are all connected to a central circuit box and pre programmed to flash in different patterns.  This is great for any event with a disco atmosphere or a variety of other themes including hi-tech, futuristic, 70's, 80's, Carnivale, Mardi Gras, Vegas, circus, etc.


Human Disco Balls

Add dazzle to the dancefloor with
these fabulously sparkly
shimmying shakers


Human Oscars

Great for Academy Award parties,
film previews, screenings of
home movies...


Spectacular Showgirls
& Samba Dancers

Carnival Dancers - Show Girls
Brings excitment and
amazing energy
to any party!

(click photo for
for more images)

Balloon Sculptures & Decor

(Click photo for more info)

Balloon Twisters
ballon decoration Orlando
For adults, kids, corporate parties and other events

(Click photo for more info)



New Yawk, New Yawk!

Chrysler and Empire State Buildings,
Statue of Liberty and Yellow Cab Costumes
Perfect for a New York themed event!
(based in NYC -- where else?)

New York Skyline Costumes


Miss Liberty
"Freeze" Statue

Statue of Liberty impersonator
Give me your tired, your poor.
On second though...keep 'em.


Marble Mermaid


Human "Marble" Statues

Human Marble Statues

Are they marble or are they human?
It's not so easy to tell!
click photo for more pictures

based in in Orlando, Fl and NYC Metro - will travel

Human Garden/Living Statues

living statues
Yes, these are human performers!
Click photo for more pix

Based in Orlando, Fl - will travel

Gold Jester
Living Statue

based in NY

Living Statue

based in Orlando, FL

Platinum Princess

based in NY


Sensational Stilt Walkers
Orlando, FLA

Stilt Walkers - Orlando, FL
This versatile animated design not only allows the performer to gracefully move throughout the room while the wings gently flow back and forth, but also to "lock" the wings into an upright position, freeing the arms of the performer for photos and guest interaction.
Click photo for pix of all their dozens of incredible costumes!

(see below for Stilt Walkers in the New York Metro area)

Sparkling Snowflakes
(based in Orlando, FL)
(click photo for more pix)

Snowflake costumes


Costumed Dancers - Orlando
Cigarette Girls  Orlando

ribbon dancers Orlando

Wild West Saloon Girls - Orlando
Click here to see many more costumes



Rocky Horror
Picture Show


Pussy Cat

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
Where have you gone?

Specialty Costumes
for your themed event




Comedy and Improv

"Momedy" ™
Comedy for mothers and wives!

Girls night out? All-woman fundraiser? Have we got the entertainment for you!!

click photo for more info/pix

"Comedy Mind Spill"

An hour and a half Improvisational Show, full of fun, music and audience participation (with keyboard player).
Customised for Corporate and Private Parties


Fun for Everyone!

Dance Heads

The Green Screen Sensation Sweeping the Nation!!

Fun for all! DVDs of performances included!

Click here for more info, pix,
longer videos, song list


Wacky Wendy

Performance artist, comedienne,
life of the party. A one-woman fun machine.
Totally unforgettable

(Click photo for info, video, more)




Amazing Bottle Dancers

click photo for more info

A trio of "Hasidic" rabbis will thrill your guests with their
amazing bottle dance and hilarious personalized roast (optional)


Trivia and Game Shows
Click either photo for more details
Quiz Master Trivia Guy
Trivia Guy for Parties

General and personalized questions
done as walkaround or on stage

adults parties only

Guy Trivia the Trivia Guy
Guy Trivia the Trivia Guy
Trivia for bar and bat mitzvahs, parties and special events. General knowledge and custom questions.


Silhouette Portrait Artist

Silhouette Artist
Orlando, FL (also New York & New England)

Beautiful silhouette portraits by one of the foremost silhouette artists in the country. Kathryn does instant portraits, using just paper and scissors, by simply looking at her subject, using no photos, shadows or sketches. Her beautiful, mounted silhouettes make great souvenirs for your guests, and provide entertainment as they marvel at her uncanny ability to capture her subjects on simple black paper.

(click photo for more info and pix)



Giant Celebrity Heads

Giant Celebrity Heads
They say fame goes to the head, and here's the proof!
Huge fiberglass-like caricatures -- instantly recognizable celebs
and "heads" of state -- will add style and fun to any party!
Shipped anywhere for one day to one month rentals.

(click photo for more info)


Patrick the Wacky Wire Guy
Wire Sculpture Artist
Patrick will amaze and delight your guests as he creates fantastic wire scultpures from a continuous strand of wire!
(click photo for more info & pix)

Dave the Wireman

Your guests names, etc. made
in wire, right on the spot

(click photo for more info)




The Wire Guy Ryan

Your guests names, any animal, etc.
(click photo for more info & pix)



Wacky Walk-Arounds & "Tummlers"

Zandrozhna, the Euro-trashy Uber-Fashionista
When it comes to taste... he's full of it!
Zandrozhna the Euro-trashy Uber-Fashionista,
click photo for more info and pix

Muzzie Nardo, "Wise Guy"

Italian wise guy
Straight from "The Sopranos," Muzzie is the perfect "unexpected guest," "new boyfriend," "tough guy" -- Hilarious. Fits into almost any situation.
(click photo for more info/pix)

Miss Understood

One of New York's most famous
and fabulous drag queens!

(click photo for more pix)


Flo and Eugene

Whether you use this wacky couple as "crazed fans," "goofy tourists," or "visiting out of town relatives," they
will entertain your guests with their unique brand of interactive improvisational humor. A real crowd pleaser!

(click photo for more info)


Sal Manilla
Casino Manager, Waste Management, Witness Protection Program
Let Sal "crash" your next party!

Giovanni Tortellini,
Hilarious Euro-Trashy
International Ladies' Man

Giovanni Tortellini

click photo for more info

Sister Mary Vendetta

The Nun from Hell
(knows all your dirty little secrets and nasty sins!)
Personalized roast that'll leave 'em howling with laughter!

(Click photo for more info)


Shareem Kareem

Shareem Kareem
The Psycho Psychic

(Click photo for more info)

The Blue Bunny

A hilarious, interactive, ad-libbing wacky wabbit to mix and mingle among your guests
(click photo for more images)

Las Vegas Preacher

Las Vegas Preacher in New York

Jacquery Bleu

Jacquery Bleu,  Obnoxious Frenchman

Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer

Charmed, I'm sure!




Henna Artists

Have a talented henna artist tattoo
your guests. Nationwide.
Click for more info

Body Painting as Spectator Sport
Body Painters - Art

In addition to painting the faces and/or limbs of party-goers, these talented artists, from around the country, can fully paint models (bikini-clad or totally nude), creating beautiful works of art, while your guests watch in amazement! Can be themed for party, including corporate logos.
(Click image for more photos )

Margarita Pracatan

Charismatic, Campy Cuban

(click photo for sound bites & more)


Penny's Costumes

Some costumes are not clickable, but they are ALL available. Please ask.

Mardi Gras 

The Queen of
Mardi Gras

Funky Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras
Belly Dancer


The Duchess

Carnival in Venice

Royal Page

Rainbow Ribbon Dancer
Marvelous Medley

Blue Indigo

Alice in Wonderland


Music Mania

Knicks Fan

Spring Fairy

Queen of Hearts

Holiday Fun

Santa's Helper

Victorian Lady

Sugar Plum Fairy

Monte Carlo Christmas

White Fairy
Hollywood Holiday
Mrs. Claus
Women of the World

Hula Girl

Mod Madness

European Peasant Girl
Groovy Baby

Silver Sophisticate

Fanciful Fashions

Medieval Maiden

1920' Tootsie

Jungle Boogie

Casino Cutie

Carmen Miranda

Gone Fishin'

High Roller

Polar Princess

Colorful Characters



Space Kitten

Tropical Chic

Belly Dancer on Stilts

Rainbow Clown

Dance Hall Gal
Perky Personalities



Wired Clown




Green and Pink Clown

Orange Clown

Silver Streak

Penny's Potpourri


Hollywood Diva  

Wanda the Wacky Witch

Elizabethan Elf

Patchwork Clown

Cigarette Girl

Toy Soldier

Baby Pink Flamingo
Ladies of Distinction




Morbida Grave

Princess Penelope



Lady in Waiting

Deluxe Designs

Aurora Borealis

Lady Luck

Eastern Elegance

Black Velvet Troubadour

Flower Power

Purple Passion

Royal Pink



Circus Arts and Western Shows


Coney Island Side Show
Coney Island Side Show Coney Islanad Freak Show
Contortionists, fire-eaters, snake charmers, much, much more! World famous!!
(click photo for more info)


Amazing Aerialists, Acrobats,
Tightrope Walkers, more

Internationally renown troupe performing
in the "Cirque" style

click photo for more info and pictures


Georgi the Rubber Man
Contortionist - Rubber Man
Straight from Bulgaria for a limited time!

One of the world's very
few "Rubber Men"
Amazing contortions!

(Click photo for more info)

Yee-Haw! New York Cowboy and Rodeo Roper, AJ Silver!

Rodeo Roper New York Cowboy AJ Silver

This "New York Cowboy" will amaze your guests with his amazing tricks and twirls! Stage show or audience particpation. Great for bar/bat mitzvahs!

(Click photo for more images)


Andy M
Chicago's Comic Juggler!

Andy M - Chicago's Comic Juggler

  • Plate Spinning
  • Juggling
  • Bowling Balls
  • Dazzling Diabolo
  • Fire Eating
  • Fire Juggling
  • Stand-up Comedy

(Click photo for more images)

Slitherella the
Snake Lady

Snake charmer New York
Let Slitherella bring her pet snake(s)
to your next event!

(Click photo for more images)

Shining Knight

Why is this knight different
from all other knights?
Because he's available for
your party or special event!

(click photo for
for more images)


Bert, the World's
Oldest Stripper

As seen in AARP Magazine!
(this performer is based
in Las Vegas but
travels anywhere)

(Click photo for more info)


Specialty Bartenders

click for more info


Amazing Aura Readings by Hattie

Aura readings are a great addition
to parties, trade shows, meetings and
conferences. Guests won't be able to
resist comparing their pictures and
discussing their interpretations, inspiring lively and enjoyable conversation.

(click photo for more info)



Psychic Lipstick Readers

Psychic Lipstick Reading

Great fun for bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, showers and bachelorette parties, ladies' nights, etc.

click photo for more info



Opera Gram- It Ain't Over
'til the Fat Lady Sings!

Big Bertha - 300 lbs of Fun

"Pregnant" Former One-Night Stand

Crazy, Chop-Busting Customer

Fighting/Bickering Party Guests


plus: Dozens of Drag Acts

Fire Eaters



Martial Artists

Circus Acts

Fortune Tellers/Tarot Readers


last update:March 10, 2008