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Burlesque Shows
Please note: Prices of Burlesque shows start at $500 in Manhattan

What is Burlesque, exactly?

Unlike pedestrian "strip tease," classic burlesque is more artful, creative and comedic. It's primarily theatrical entertainment of broad and earthy humor. It consists of comic skits and short turns, and usually includes partial (topless) nudity.

Most of our performers are actresses, performance artists and costume designers. Many have gone to art school. The real skill in burlesque is the clever costumes and sketch quality of the pieces. Most routines are just a few minutes long (usually the length of the song the dancer is acting out.)

Our performers invest a lot of time and money in their costumes and props, and work hard to develop fun and sexy sketches. They are smart, creative, well-educated, talented woman with great senses of humor.

Prices in Manhattan start at $500.

Please note: we do not book "strippers" per se
(i.e. the kind you might see at a strip club such as
the "Bada Bing," or at a bachelor party.)



This is just a small sample of the many acts we offer







The Martini Dance


Sing, Sing, Sing! with "Josephine Baker"

Fantastic Velvet Butterfly

China Doll

Kinky Cuffs



The Devil Made Me Do It!

One Woman Fan Club

Oh, Fraulein!

photo: Michael J. Berkowitz



The Good Student


Proud as a Peacock!



Lovely Senorita

Sexy Show Girl


Some of the other acts we offer are:

Babydoll/Little Girl
Bettie Page
Black light outfits w/dynamics such as electric fans
Carmen Miranda
China Doll
Clown (French Pierrot or Circus)

Drag Acts
East Indian
Fire Balloon Dancer
French Maid
German Schoolgirl
Holiday and Seasonal Acts
Kabuki Dancer
Las Vegas Chorus Girl
Marie Antoinette
Marilyn Monroe
Pussy Cat
Red Riding Hood
Show Girl


If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.
We just might have it!

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