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Wacky wendy


Wendy and her amazing mandala at Baltimore's American Visionary Arts Museum

Watch a video about the creation of this amazing work of art

Wacky Wendy - Mandala




She's an improvisational comic entertainer by nature, a sculptor by training and a paper wizard by craft. Wacky Wendy has long dazzled thousands of audiences with her 'instant' party hats that she deftly cuts from paper disks in just seconds. Her one-of-a-kind talent is in turning fine-art into fun-art, by transforming paper into intricate, clever, personalized~and funny hats, masks, costumes, accessories, displays and anything else you can imagine!

Wacky Wendy



Wacky Wendy

That's the almost unbelievable number of paper plates that Wendy claims to have cut-up over her career as the world's fastest madcap milliner. The invention of the Wacky Hat was made from nothing more than one single paper circle transformed into a
pop-up party hat. Wacky Wendy's new 3-D designs frequently average ten plates per hat!


According to Wendy, that's how much more exciting her Wacky Hats are compared to traditional party hats. She puts one of her wacky works of art on a lucky recipient's head, and they are transformed into the character depicted on the hat, and improvisation, role-playing and good-natured fun flow freely and spontaneously.

Wacky Wendy

Wacky Wendy


The history of Wacky Wendy dates back to 1982 when bored at a backyard barbecue, Wendy began to play with the paper plates. In an instant of quiet genius she realized the beauty of the circle, infinite and rhythmic, almost Zen-like, and in it's reincarnation each colorful paper plate became the ideal artist's material. As she discovered how well the medium lent itself to her imaginative cutting, she was
also struck with the beauty of taking a simple common object, and turning it into an item of fun as well as art.


From those humble beginnings, Wendy expanded into a whole plethora of paper plate sculptures creating such masterpieces as a ten foot dragon for a museum, wedding and party dresses for some of New York's classiest Fifth Ave. department stores, and even "fun wear bikinis" for a major magazine. As much fun as these incredibly intricate projects were to create, she always found that her greatest sense of achievement and satisfaction came from the delighted smiles of people as they discovered for themselves the magic that she discovered back in 1982.

Wacky Wendy

Wacky Wendy

Wendy's good hattitude has won her a steady stream of kudos from audiences at private parties, corporate gatherings, industry meetings and trade shows as well. Her warmth and wit keep audiences intrigued, involved and entertained. The fun of creating art and her joy in playing with people- keep Wendy on the cutting edge of entertainment.


Just a few of her designs, which she whips up in just a few minutes:









Video available upon request


Some of the fantastic, custom-designed hats
Wendy wears during her performance
(themselves, almost worth the price of admission!)

Clipper Ship

Solar System

Manhattan Skyline


Watering Can

Two Coffee Cups






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