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"Been there and done that" with singing gorillas and funky chickens?
Want to send something unusual and memorable, and reasonably priced?
Try a "Scam O Gram™" customized for the birthday "victim"

They'll be talking about it for years!!!

Prices vary depending on the performer, type of performance and location,
starting in Manhattan at about $175-$250 for a 10-15 minute shtick.
Outside Manhattan, (greater metro NY and other states) prices range in the $250-500 range.

We have wonderful comedic, improvisational performers who just
LOVE to do these kinds of gigs!
Tell us about the birthday victim and we'll take it from there!


Some favorite Scam-o-Grams from years past:


-Performer played a temp secretary for a new partner at an investment firm.
She was hilariously inappropriate -- painting her toenails at her desk,
talking too loudly on her cell phone, eating smelly foods, etc.

-Performer was someone who supposedly had
a crush on the birthday victim ever since high school.
Was overjoyed"run into her again" at a restaurant on her birthday.
Client provided names of fellow classmates, teachers, etc.

-Performer played the "crazy brother" of a company president,
and drove the receptionist-victim out of her mind as he was kept waiting
for a long time at the front desk.

-Performer was a new patient for a dentist, who was
morbidly afraid of anyone touching his mouth.

- Victim worked for a moving company and had a fear of snakes.
Performer was supposedly moving out of state and needed to have
his large snake collection transported to his new location.
Brought his "favorite snake" aloing in a bag, and kept trying
to introduce him to the victim.

- Performer played an inappropriate and slightly wacko job applicant.

-Performer played a neurotic and fussy portfolio manager
for a "wealthy client," to scam the owner of an investment firm.
The victim had no choice but to be nice, despite the performer's escalating insanity,
because he supposedly represented a multi-million dollar account.

-The birthday victim worked as a translator.
The performer came in looking as if he'd just fallen off the turnip truck,
speaking gibberish, with a letter in a Klingon font, insisting in sign language and
extremely broken English that he needed it translated immediately.

-Performer was sent to a fertility doctor (by his wife),
where she slowly revealed herself to be nuts. Ultimately, she demanded to be
impregnated by her boyfriend's sperm (of which she "had a sample" with her)
in order to force him into marrying her.

-Crazy client returns to a small shop insisting
the cashier/victim short-changed her the week before
(of course offering no proof).