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What is the difference between a celebrity impersonator, celebrity lookalike and a tribute artist?


A celebrity lookalike, by a fluke of genetics, happens to look like someone famous. Rarely do they share the same talents and abilities as the actual celeb so don't expect a dead ringer for Tiger Woods to win any golf tournaments or a Justin Timberlake clone to actually sing and dance.

A celebrity impersonator is a talented singer, dancer and/or actor who, through makeup, wigs, costume and of course voice and body language will effect the look and sound of the celeb and recreate his/her act.

A tribute artist/tribute act is much like an impersonator but their focus is more on recreating the sound, with less emphasis on the look.

It's very rare indeed that you find a genetic lookalike who can also perform like the original (although there are couple -- my LA "Bono" and PA "Reba McIntyre" come to mind.)

For entertainment purposes, you're usually better with an impersonator or tribute act.


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IGCITA Lookalikes Convention - Las Vegas - 2004

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Some of our Peeps on Celebrity Impersonator Week/Family Feud
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Price Structure - (*** System)
(Use this list to determine if a performer is within your general
price range. This guide appears again on each category page,
and the stars appear with the performers' photos)

*=these performers are sometimes available in NYC for
short shows,
week days only, in addition to their usual full
hour-long performances. Prices for a 15 minute week day appearance
range from $250-$400. Full shows (one hour) evenings and weekends,
start at $500
, more if shleppage is involved.

**=prices for these performers range from $600 - $1500
(most are in the $700-900 range)
More, of course, if travel is involved. For out of state prices, see *** below.

***=these performers live outside the NYC area. If you need them in the NY metro area,
traveling prices apply, and
usually range from $1500-2500, depending upon the
performer. Additionally, client pays all travel, accommodations and meals.
If you need them
on their home turf, local rates (** above) generally apply.

****=These performers are in high demand (lucky devils) and
their prices reflect that. Rates range from about $3000-$15000, even locally.

Please Note: Celebrity Impersonators do not do inexpensive,
quickie singing telegrams! If you are looking for an act
in the $100-250 range, please see our Telegrams section.



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