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Bar and Bat Mitzvah
and Sweet 16

Please see our Specialty Acts page
with lots more stuff!

If you don't see what you want, please ask. We are always adding new acts
to our files (though it takes longer to add them to this page)
We have dozens of talented performers who can generally

rise to any occasions. We often create new characters at out client's request.

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Wacky Wendy

Performance artist, comedienne,
life of the party. A one-woman fun machine.
Totally unforgettable

(Click photo for info, video, more)


Giant Celebrity Heads

Giant Celebrity Heads

They say fame goes to the head,
and here's the proof!
Huge fiberglass-like caricatures
-- instantly recognizable celebs
and "heads" of state -- will add
style and fun to any party!
Shipped anywhere
for one day to one month rentals.

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Henna Artists

Have a talented henna artist tattoo
your guests. Nationwide.
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The Wire Guy Ryan

Your guests names, any animal, etc.
(click photo for more info & pix)

Caitlin's Amazing Hula Hoop Show! 
Great for corporate events, conventions and
bar/bat mitzvahs! Orlando-based
click photo for more details and video

Hula Hoop Performer - Orlando



Book one or a whole show of former American Idol contestants for your next party or corporate event! Click for more info.



"Hasidic Rabbi" Bottle Dancers
(based in the NYC metro area)

Bottle Dancers NY-NJ
click photo for more info

A trio of "Hasidic" rabbis will thrill your guests with their
amazing bottle dance and hilarious personalized roast


"Comedy Mind Spill"

An hour and a half Improvisational Show, full of fun, music and audience participation (with keyboard player).
Customised for Corporate and Private Parties

Quiz Master Trivia Guy

Trivia Guy for Parties
General and personalized questions
done as walkaround or on stage

Click either photo for more details

Guy Trivia the Trivia Guy
Guy Trivia the Trivia Guy
Trivia for bar and bat mitzvahs, parties and special events. General knowledge and custom questions.


NEW CANDY ON STILTS (great for themed parties)
Based in ORLANDO, but will travel everywhere
clik here to see more stilts


John's Balloon Sculptures

Balloon Sculpture/Decor

(Click photo for more info)

Pied Piper of Pipecleaners

Wendy's Pipecleaner Magic
Interactive fun for everyone!
Great for bar/bat mitzvahs!

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the Rubber Man

Contortionist - Rubber Man
Straight from Bulgaria for a limited time!

As seen on Letterman!
One of the world's very
few "Rubber Men"
Amazing contortions!

(Click photo for more info)

Human "Marie Antoinette" Strolling Dessert Tables

A surrealistic yet functional way to present desserts or hors d'oeuvres. These costumes are built around actual tables which are on wheels and move with the performers. The bodices are white corsets embellished with mirrors that match the tabletops. The side ruffles are underlit to produce a soft glow.

Available in white or black



Celebrity Lookalikes

Fabulous celebrity impersonators
to performer, mix and mingle
and enjoy photo ops
with your guests

(click image for Celeb Clone page)

Joan Rivers

Oh, can we tawk? Who better to greet
your guests on the red carpet
than "Joan"? Also perfect as a
walk-around with your videographer
helping to assure that those candid
conversations at each table,
with family and friends,
are still entertainting to watch
years later.


Because nachas like this should be
kvelled over by a professional.
Hiliarous "Jewish Grandma"
mingles with your guests,
shmoozing, kibbitzing, telling jokes
and ad-libbing off the crowd.

(listen to some of Bubby's shtick)

Dave the Wireman

Your guests names, etc. made
in wire, right on the spot

(click photo for more info)

Human Disco Balls

Add dazzle to the dancefloor with
these fabulously sparkly
shimmying shakers


The Blue Bunny

A hilarious, interactive, ad-libbing
wacky wabbit to mix and mingle
among your guests
(click photo for more images)



Spectacular Showgirls
Carnival Dancers - Show Girls
Brings excitment and
amazing energy
to any party!

(click photo for
for more images)

Trivia Guy

He's a fount of useless knowledge!
A virtual encyclopedia of pop culture.
He'll stroll from table to table
challenging your guests
with hilarious factoids geared
to their special area of expertise...
right off the top of his head!
From TV and film, to sports
to general knowledge.
Amazing! And funny!


Mentalists and Magicians

(click image for link to Mentalists,
Psychics and Magicians page)

Hip-Hop Belly Dancer

Classically trained dancer
performing to fun & funky,
MTV-style music (hip hop, rock)

(click photo for more pix & info)

Space Kitten

Space Kitten


Specialty Costumes
for your themed event


Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda

Three Cheers for Whoever!

Moulin Rouge look

"Moulin Rouge" look


Fall Foliage Costume

Fall Foliage

Tropical Chic,  Tropical Theme Party

Tropical Chic --
Great as a walk-around

Polar Princess, Ice Queen

Polar Princess in a
fabulous handmade outfit!


You'll flip over this flapper
in a fabulous 20's outfit

Statue of Liberty impersonator

Give me your tired, your poor.
On second though...keep 'em.


Colorful Clown

Rainbow Clown can make
origami animals, do face painting,
stilt walking, much more

Jacquery Bleu,  Obnoxious Frenchman

Jacquery Bleu

Psychic Lipstick Readers

Psychic Lipstick Reading

Great fun for bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, showers and bachelorette parties, ladies' nights, etc.

click photo for more info

Las Vegas Preacher in New York

Las Vegas Showman



Martial Artists

Fire Eaters



Circus Acts