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Dirty Yiddish Slang

Dirty words and expressions you only WISH your Bubby had taught you, plus original phrases and curses that bring Yiddish into the 21st century! A great read whether you already know lots of Yiddish or want to learn a few zingers to toss into your conversation.

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Lucky in Love:
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Jewish Zen Humor
by Adrienne

Hilarious Jewish "Zen" jokes, sorted by category. A "must read" for every Jewish jokester! The perfect bathroom read!

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Bubby's Jewish
Zen Humor

Jewish jokes with a philosophical bent

Yiddish Dictionary

Bubby's Yiddish Dictionary
Sprinkle some Yiddish into
your conversation

Yiddish Quiz

Test Your Yiddish
with this pop quiz

Florida Bingo

Florida Bingo
Going to Florida to visit the folks? This will help take the sting out of it!

Fortune Teller

Let Bubby Tell Your Fortune
She Knows All! She Sees All!
Let Bubby the Mystical Yenta tell your fortune!

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spiritual pretzel messages
It's a miracle!

Spiritual messages
found in bags of

check it out!

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Bubby's Recipes

Bubby's Recipes
Bubby's classics for the Jewish Holidays  
(and lots of non-Jewish recipes, too!)

free articles, essays, advice to put you in the right frame of mind

Art of Epiphany

Articles, essays, advice on changing your life for the better.

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Poor little Adrienne hates to beg, but what can she do? Freelance writing work is scarce in her village. Yet despite difficult times, every month her
evil mortgage lender, health insurance provider and telephone company demand their filthy lucre. Day after day, she awaits word from someone
like you; a guardian angel who recognizes her talent; someone willing to let her prove how brilliant, how reliable, how thoroughly professional she is. We beseech you to please help Adrienne support herself and her family, not by giving charity, but by providing much needed work. so she may live in dignity (and maybe even buy that cute little outfit she’s had her eye on.) Bless you.

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shiksa goddess




I was commissioned by Ceaco, to create original copy/articles for this jigsaw puzzle, designed to look like a Sunday newspaper. (Photos are all of my ever patient and good-natured husband, Michael!) I think the result is pretty darn hilarious, if I do say so myself. Of course, some of the references are quite obscure, but hey, they make me laugh and if you can't entertain yourself, what's the point of living?

Click on the section you want to read for a closer look

(c) 1999 Ceaco, Inc.


Our very impromptu speed Seder -- Year of the Plague



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My dear friends Dave and Jess were married on a ship in Antarctica, and later had a reception in Seattle.

Unfortunately, my husband and I could not attend, so we sent them a couple of little videos to wish them well.

They loved 'em and loaded them onto a laptop and set it up at what would have been our place at the table.

The first one was a quick little snippet which I put together in just a couple of minutes. It took about 5 takes to get it right.

It's about as cheesy and cheap as an Ed Wood movie.

View it HERE

(continued in next panel)

For the second one, I dressed up my ever-patient hubby, Michael and...

This took a few takes to get right, too. Michael was having a very hard time doing it with a straight face.

(I should mention, the groom David
is not Jewish; the bride Jessica
very much is.)


Finally, a religion that makes
sense to me!
Hilarious and yet, so sensible!


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Child Prodigy, circa 1946

I was flipping around the channels this morning and stumbled upon a rather insipid movie with Van Johnson.  I was about to change channels when The Kid enters the picture.  He starts to  play piano and I was hooked!  Naturally, I looked up the IMDb listing for this film, 'cause I wanted to know who he was (Frankie "Sugar Chile" Robinson, as it turns out.) I then googled him and was thrilled to find this video of him from the movie.  He's incredible!. (Totally stole the entire film,  if ya axe me!)




Paper Bag Puppets
Made as goody-bags for
a family Hanukkah party.
Purdy darn funny, if I do say so myself!

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This is one of the coolest, most surreal, intriguing programs/games I've ever seen. That's all I'm saying. Figure it out yourself, but be prepared to spend at least an hour!

(* "Samorost" is a Czech word with various meanings.-- a root or piece of wood resemblings a creature; also a person who doesn't care about the rest of the world. )

And when you're finished with that, check out:
Samorost 2

Great Old Music

Tons of free
downloadable MP3s, etc.
of rare, vintage recordings
from Edison cylinders, 78's, etc.
from the 1930's and earlier.
Old blues, early jazz;
American roots music,
bluegrass, folk, more.
Much of this is no longer
commercially available.
Amazing stuff!

Moving Image Archive

An incredible archive of copyright-free vintage movies, cartoons, TV ads, propadanda and instructional films, more. Most are pretty hilarious!! (The one above from an "educational film" called "Perversion for Profit" Laugh aloud funny (though not supposed to be!)

Adrienne Gusoff quotes

Adrienne's Quote Page
Quotes by Adrienne Gusoff
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Pretend to be a dictator or television sitcom character. The "game" will try to guess who you are by asking simple
yes/no questions. It used to beat me all the time, but these days, I've been able to stump it pretty often.

Ladies...don't let this tragedy happen to you!


If you're starting to smell like the Fulton Fish Market on a hot August afternoon,


Give Yourself an
Instant Makeover

Import your own photo and
give yourself a makeover.
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One of my favorite Monty Python skits of all time:
"Mr. Creosote"



















Watch some wonderful full length silent and vintage films

The Italian silent classic, Cabiria (1914)

The Great Dictator/Charlie Chaplin (1940)

(more coming as I find them)


Obviously out of date, but hey, it was funny at the time...you may still find 'it good for a laugh.

my first attempt at a Flash animation.
Very cathartic!



Also out of date but again, perhaps they will make you feel nostalgic!

Print out a whole page of funny election stickers...
Stick on letters, bills, etc.

Be sure to check out our
Election 2008 Mad Libs, too!

Print out a whole page of funny Bush Stickers here!
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