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Party Entertainment  Info

We'll turn the guest of honor's life, your company history or the party guests themselves
into a totally personalized game show

The Quiz Master Trivia Guy
General and Personalized Questions
Walkaround or on Stage

Bubby's Bingo
Hilarious Yiddish-based Bingo, perfect for fund-raisers,
synagogue "nights," special events, singles events

"This Is Your Life" Meets "You Don't Know Jack"
Totally personalized quiz show using information you provide.
Great for landmark birthdays and anniversaries,
bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate parties, sales meetings, more

The Weakest Link
Featuring our Anne Robinson impersonator and
using your personalized information.

Another great idea for landmark birthdays and anniversaries,
corporate parties, sales meetings, etc.

Austin Powers
Featuring our Austin Powers impersonator
who is simply shagadelic, baby!

He's the perfect game show host/MC for special events,
corporate parties, sales meetings, etc.

Wacky Host
Featuring our fabulous all around
MC and TV Host

Treasure and Scavenger Hunts
Indoor or out. Ideal for corporate meetings/weekends,
even bar/bat mitzvahs.
We'll make up a the list for hunts that can happen
within a room or about town (with limos, if you like!)

Impersonators, Look-Alikes
and Tribute Artists. Elvis,
Cher, Marilyn, many more.

In and Out! Quick and Funny!
New York Metro and Florida.
The ridiculous to the sublime.

Unique performers who'll
make your party unforgettable!
Many exclusive to us!

Roast the guest of honor
with personalized material
written just for them.

Santa, Elvis Santa, Elves,
Cupids, Hearts, Leprauchauns,
Easter Bunnies, more.

We use facts about the guest
of honor or your company and
turn them into a hilarious game!

Belly Dancers, Burlesque,
hula; African, Brazilian, Irish
dancers, swing, ballroom...

Amazing performers - shows or
sleight of hand walk-arounds.
Plus Tarot, palm, psychics.

Wacky officiants, unusual
entertainment, interesting
extras, much more

Unique, unusual ideas to make
your party special including
comics, impersonators, boudoir
photo sessions, sex lessons

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Entertainment
Entertainment geared to make
this special day both fun and
memorable. They'll be talking
about it for years!

Clowns, costumed characters,
story-tellers, face painters,
kid's magic, games, more

MC's, hosts, motivatators,
speakers, performers. Comics
and actors for industrial films.

Doo Wop to the Monkees,
from British Invasion groups to
Disco, 80's, Motown, much more. These are the real deal!

Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, James Brown, Chuck Berry, many more. (the real deal...not impersonators!!)

Some things just defy
categorization. We put
them here.

Live Party Music
Bands, singing groups, musical acts, solo singers, more.
Arcade Games Rental
NASCAR racing, photo booths, movie studio, virtual reality games, wild stuff!
Fun to watch, and they make great souvenirs for your guests!

Sets and Props rentals
Having a large event and need big sets? Prop rentals? An entire room decorated like The Moulin Rouge or a Las Vegas Casino?

Truly Spectacular Shows
Looking for something truly spectacular? Unique? Unforgettable? If you got the bucks, we got the act!

Bring down the house with a great DJ for your next event!

Gift Baskets anywhere in the USA
Gifts and Chocolates sent anywhere
links and wacky fun stuff
Because sometimes, when it
comes to entertainment, you
just need immediate gratification