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Cajun and Zydeco Dance Party

Featuring Fredda S, New York's only Cajun/Zydeco dance instructor

Whether you have 2 left feet or have danced for years,
this expert dance troubleshooter with 20 years
experience can give you a jump-start, teach you
the latest steps or make your good moves great.

Great for weddings, Mardi Gras parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, more.
Zydeco and Cajun live bands available, too

Hear some Cajun music
Hear more Cajun music
Go ahead, treat yourself to a little more
What heck. Have another song! It's good for you!

Hear some Zydeco

More Zydeco to get your blood going
OK, another little bit

Fredda has been dancing since she was 7, teaching 20+ years and involved in Cajun and zydeco almost as long. She's studied with 11 Louisiana teachers, including: Miriam Fontenot, Don Brasseaux, Mona "Zydeco Queen" Wilson, Michael Seider, Al Muller,Jr., Millie Ortego and Jim Dugas.

Since both zydeco and Cajun are evolving dances, Fredda travels to Louisiana frequently to keep up with the latest steps and refresh her styling.

Clients include: The New School (1994-present); Omega Institute; Central Park Summerstage; Louisiana Community Bar & Grill (1994-96); Long Island Traditional Music Association (workshop series, individual dances); Sardi's Goes Cajun (series); The New York Times Christmas Party; Cajun Connection; Orange County Community College; United Nations; private parties and lessons.

Bands taught with include: Bruce Daigrepont Band; Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys; Mamou Prairie Band; Gotham Playboys; Voodoobillies; Bryan Miller and the Pinballs.

Study: techniques of dance teaching with Sonny Newman, a master dance teacher who has been teaching dance for over 40 years (Fredda has also studied adult learning and is an experienced trainer).

Special projects: performed and taught in New Orleans' French Quarter; recruited by the president of CODOFIL to serve on the Louisiana Tricentennial Arts Committee. Invited by Southwest Louisiana local dancers to perform with them in a documentary for German television; assisted master teacher Miriam Fontenot with classes.

Wildest teaching experiences: teaching zydeco& Cajun in Istanbul, Turkey, and in Bombay, India, as well as at a Cajun Bar-Mitzvah at a Portuguese restaurant.


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