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Spectacular Showgirls, Samba Dancers
and Mardi Gras Costumes
plus Brazillian Drummers and Capoeira

Whether you just want one or two Samba dancers or an entire troupe,
drummers and all, we'll be happy to arrange it for you.
Add amazing energy and visual excitement to your party with show girls or
Samba dancers in fabulous feathered costumes!
They come in every color of the rainbow and usually can be
customized for color/holiday themes.
Choose between sexy and more modest "family-friendly"costumes

Samba drummers and capoeiristas available too! (NY/LA only) Please inquire!

See more types of dancers:


Samba Dancers

From a solo dancer to 20 feathered beauties,
available with or without drummers, a samba show
livens up any party! We dare your guests to sit still
when these performers are in the room!!

(please note: We do NOT sell costumes nor do we know where to get them. Sorry!)





Danielle (NYC)
(temporarily unavailable)
Brazilian Samba


Atlanta (NYC)
Samba Dancer New York

Mardi Gras Dancer New York

Atlanta - Brazillian Dancer


Atlanta - Samba Dancer New York

Atlanta - Samba Dancer NYC


Atlanta - Brazillian Dancer New York, New Jersey

Atlanta Brazilian Samba Dancer - New York, New Jersey


Michele (NYC)

Kat (NYC)
Brazilian Samba Dancer



Leticia (NYC)

Samba Dancer - Leticia - NYC

Samba Dancer - Leticia - NYC

Samba Dancer - Leticia - NYC

Samba Dancer - Leticia - NYC

Samba Dancer - Leticia - NYC



Samba Dancer - New York


Samba Dancer - New York

Nubia - NYC

Samba Dancer - New York

Samba Dancer - New York

Samba Dancer - New York

Anna P Dancers
(video available upon request)

Samba dancers - Showgirls  NYC

samba dancer  Showgirl NYC

Solonge - NYC

Samba Dancer - New York

Samba Dancer - New York

Dani G

Mieka (NYC)
Samba  New York

Samba Costume

Samba Dancer

A little snippet from the movie
"Rachel Getting Married" to show you the
the excitement Samba can bring to YOUR event!
That's our Atlanta in blue!!


St. Louis
(available with with full Samba/Bosa Nova band)






South Florida(Ft. Lauderdale area)

Samba Dancers - South Florida

Samba Dancers - South Florida

Brazillian Dancers - South Florida

Los Angeles

A couple of our lovely L.A.-area Dancers

Brazilian dancers - L.A., California Samba Dancers - L.A., California


This is our troupe of dancers based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Available for travel throughout the world. Click photo for more images & video

Brazilian Samba Dancers



Please note: The larger, more elaborate costumes (back feathers) are fragile
and difficult to maneuver in. These are considered SHOWGIRL costumes.
When an actual SAMBA performance is involved, dancers use the smaller head-dresses,
as you will see in the photos below.

Show Girls

NYC based




Show Girls Samba Dancers

Show Girls Carnaval


Carnaval Costumes Samba Dancers


Orlando based
To see more pix of their other costumes, click here )


Fort Lauderdale area

Samba Dancers - South Florida

Atlanta area







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