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Penny's Costumes

This performer is based in Nassau County, Long Island, NY

Most of Penny's designs are available on and off stilts.

Mardi Gras


The Queen of Mardi Gras

Funky Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras belly Dancer





Carnaval in Venice

From the top of the hat to the top of the shoes, this costume is dripping in luxury with several kinds of lace and hand sewn pearls. The knickers are made of cherub brocade. Available with or without the mask.
Royal Page

Beautiful brocade and lace French restoration costume complete with tri-corner hat. A perfect meet and greet with the Heralding Trumpet. Works for Broadway theme (Le Miserables, 1776 or Scarlet Pimpernel) or French Theme.

available on or off stilts


Rainbow Ribbon Dancer

With a style reminiscent of Commedia del Arte, this modern circus costume lends a colorful, whimsical facet to your special event. 180 yards of ribbon in 6 colors.

available on or off stilts

Marvelous Medley


Alice in Wonderland

Was it something she ate or something she drank? Alice is having a strange day & keeps changing in size in her aqua dress & matching pinafore.

available on or off stilts

Knicks Fan

The ultimate Knicks fan. The blue hair even has braid with orange & blue beads. Perfect for sports themed parties.

available on or off stilts

Queen of Hearts

A true monarch in a gown of gold brocade and red velvet hearts embellished with lace & pearl appliqués. The back features a matching red cape. Of course, The queen has a crown, boots & staff of hearts.

available on or off stilts



This gal is crazy for color. The bright rainbow is hand sewn in an ancient quilting technique and swirls all around from head to toe.

available on or off stilts


Women of the World


Made of "Imperial Garden" fabric with an emerald green obi. Great for demonstrating Origami at International events.
Hula Girl
This hula girl wears a sarong with hula girls printed on it. With flower in her hair and around her neck, she'll a tropical flair to your next Luau.
Mod Madness
The 1760's meets the 1960's in this mod outfit made of turquoise and fuchsia metallic brocade.
This western Gal rides tall in the saddle and tells tall tales. The chaps are leather like vinyl for an authentic look. Could be Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane.
stillts ONLY
Groovy Baby
Gold, Green and Groovy from her platform shoes to her feathered hat.
This chick has got it!
Silver Sophisticate
She's all dressed up in silver satin and ready to paint the town. Could be Ginger Rogers with a blonde wig.



Fanciful Fashions

1920's Tootsie
This liberated flapper is the original party girl wearing her black and silver sequin frock. Cigarette holder and black boa, she'll be the life of your next deco party.
Jungle Boogie
This colorful costume features cute jungle animals. Elephants, zebras, tigers, monkeys and lions peak out of the bushes and a lion purse.
Casino Cutie
Casino Cutie - take a gamble on this gal! Styled after the old fashioned "cigarette girl", this curvy femme adds some good luck to your festivities. Covered Hat to toes in cards, poker chips & dice.
Carmen Miranda
The legend of stage and screen would love to make a splashy appearance at your next Caribbean or Hollywood event. She's got fruit from the tips of her platform shoes to the top of her turbaned head.


Polar Princess
This Princess rules the North Pole with style. The costume features a white marabou with silver Lurex hat, silver tunic with silver and pink brocade sleeves and hot pants and White go-go Boots. A cross between Austin Powers and Queen Elizabeth. Perfect for Holiday Happenings.



Colorful Characters

This perky gal is fun at 1950's theme parties and anywhere else that needs pep! Interchangeable letters on sweater. Gold and purple felt.
This versatile plant is made from green velvet and satin. Can either be a daisy, holly berry bush or tropical flower.
Space Kitten
This sexy siren from the future will heat up any futuristic party. Red quilted satin with gold accents, gold ears and tail and flashing star accentuating the cleavage.
Tropical Chic
Ad festive fun to your next tropical party. 10 flashy ruffles on each sleeve over a wild skirt with a wide brimmed straw hat and lots of feathers.
Dance Hall Gal
Vintage black lace over pink satin with lots of old fashioned roses. Great for old west or casino themes. Also works for French Can-Can.
Great for Moulin Rouge themes!

Perky Personalities

This elegant showgirl from Rio will add sizzle to your next special event with lots of red, black & gold feathers & sequins. The perfect way to add some spice!
Silver Streak
Hologram hat and shoes with mirror sleeves and accents. Now has new details in the hologram vinyl.

Penny's Potpourri

Hollywood Diva
Glamour queen from the heydays of Hollywood. Dressed in a gold chiffon evening gown with gold accents and a striking gold turban with feathers, she'll make a dramatic addition to the festivities.
Elizabethan Elf
This old English elf is historically correct with mutton chop sleeves, pumpkin pants, floppy feathered hat and neck ruff. Made from three different fabrics. Each seam covered with Chinese braid. Can be worn without the green wig for an old English page.


Patchwork Clown
This colorful clown is made form 14 different cotton fabrics for the appearance of a bright quilt. The two-tiered pagoda style hat and wired tunic lend an exotic flair.
Cigarette Girl
A perfect way to pass out anything-candy, party favors or even cigars! The two piece set is in stylish black with a big bow on the back of the skirt and a matching flower in the hair, various wigs and different color sequined bustiers are available.


Toy Soldier
This top quality toy is dressed in a red sequin tails coat and black suede vest with loads of gold trim and buttons. A 17 inch high busby hat completes the sharp military look.
Baby Pink Flamingo
This baby flamingo is a tropical bird in hot pink and black. The wings are covered with marabou.

Ladies of Distinction

Black & Pink satin with black lace ruffles & gloves with a blond wig, it's Ginger Rogers or Marilyn Monroe. Can be adapted as a witch on stilts.
Inspired by the famous French painter Erte. White gown trimmed in marabou feathers and dripping with pearls & beads. Good for French 20's or 30's themes.


Morbida Grave
Morticia Adams' first cousin. Director of a funeral parlor. Gorgeous black beaded gown. Without the fright make-up it's a nice deco costume.
Mysterious woman dressed in robes of black and purple with gold accents.



A citizen of Atlantis. Mermaid of turquoise hologram Spandex with fins of blue vinyl. Decorated with over 100 gold scallop shells and beads. Also can be an alien from a water planet. Available as walk-around character.

Lady in Waiting
Lady of the Medieval court, green satin accented with full length fuchsia silk angel sleeves. Could be Maid Marion.

Deluxe Designs

Eastern Elegance
This costume reflects the beauty of the Middle East with turban-like hat and flowing copper and metallic gold long coat over trimmed flair pants.
Flower Power
This full length floral print dress combined with the flamboyant spring bonnet makes quite a flowery statement



Royal Pink
Every little girl's dream. A Princess in a pink ball gown covered with lots of lace and rose. Topped off with a large rhinestone and gold crown.




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