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Fat Headed Celebrities

These huge fiberglass-like caricatures -- instantly recognizable celebs
and "heads" of state -- are sculpted by an Orlando artist who's worked
with all the major local theme parks. Each uncanny likeness is imbued with
humor and whimsey. These heads, valued at over $5000 each,
can be rented with or without a human being to fill them. They can be
shipped anywhere. One day, one week, one month rental rates available.
Private commissions for purchase also available.

(see below for full list of approximately 60 heads)


Giant celebrity heads


papier mache celebrity heads

Clintons big heads

celebrity heads

marilyn and jack celebrity headsliz and johnny celebity heads

elvis big celebrity head

letterman paper mache head

If you'd like a photo of one of the celebs listed below and they're
not pictured above, contact me and I'll send it to you via email.

Male Celebrities

Woody Allen
Fred Astaire
Humphrey Bogart
George Burns
George Bush
George W. Bush
James Cagney
Johnny Carson
Bill Clinton
Bill Cosby
Bing Crosby
Mario Cuomo
Rodney Dangerfield
Sammy Davis Jr.
Danny DeVito
Albert Einstein
Jackie Gleason
Cary Grant
Buddy Hackett


Larry Hagman
Bob Hope
Don Johnson
Ed Koch
Robin Leach
David Letterman
Jerry Lewis
Steve Martin
Jack Nickolson
Regis Philbin
Elvis Presley
Dan Quayle
Ronald Reagan
Burt Reynolds
Edward G. Robinson
Kenny Rogers
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jerry Seinfeld
Sylvester Stallone
Donald Trump

Female Celebrities

Lucille Ball
Hillary Clinton
Joan Collins
Bette Davis
Janet Jackson
Bette Midler
Liza Minnelli
Marilyn Monroe
Rosie O'Donnell
Dolly Parton
Nancy Reagan
Joan Rivers
Diana Ross
Barbara Streisand
Elizabeth Taylor
Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Impersonators, Look-Alikes
and Tribute Artists. Elvis,
Cher, Marilyn, many more.

In and Out! Quick and Funny!
New York Metro and Florida.
The ridiculous to the sublime.

Unique performers who'll
make your party unforgettable!
Many exclusive to us!

Roast the guest of honor
with personalized material
written just for them.

Santa, Elvis Santa, Elves,
Cupids, Hearts, Leprauchauns,
Easter Bunnies, more.

We use facts about the guest
of honor or your company and
turn them into a hilarious game!

Belly Dancers, Burlesque,
hula; African, Brazilian, Irish
dancers, swing, ballroom...

Amazing performers - shows or
sleight of hand walk-arounds.
Plus Tarot, palm, psychics.

Wacky officiants, unusual
entertainment, interesting
extras, much more

Unique, unusual ideas to make
your party special including
comics, impersonators, boudoir
photo sessions, sex lessons

MC's, hosts, motivatators,
speakers, performers. Comics
and actors for industrial films.

Some things just defy
categorization. We put
them here.

Clowns, costumed characters,
story-tellers, face painters,
kid's magic, games, more

From Doo Wop to the Monkees,
from British Invasion groups to
Disco, 80's, Motown, much more.
These are the real deal!

Tony Bennett, Ray Charles,
Tom Jones, James Brown,
Chuck Berry, many more.

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