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The Toast of Europe! Amazing Contortions!

This performer is based in Bulgaria, but will be in the US for a limited engagement starting in May 2004

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Contortionist - Rubber Man

Contortionist - Rubber Man
Contortionist - Rubber Man


Contortionist - Rubber Man
Contortionist - Rubber Man
Contortionist - Rubber Man
Contortionist - Rubber Man
<Contortionist - Rubber Man
Contortionist - Rubber Man
Contortionist - Rubber Man

Delyana Loukova Plovdiv 27 February 1996 Newspaper Maritza :

The only contortionist (a rubber man) in our country, Georgi Tashev from Plovdiv, binds himself by 16 knots. 29 year old dancer has a soft bone structure and open joints which allow him coil in unthinkable postures and make him one of the few plastic men of the world, only seven in number. However, they have to put in a lot of painstaking work to keep themselves fit. And yet, thanks to my physiology I achieve hundred times greater result with lesser workout, Tashev says.

Newspaper World April 1995 Sofia:

A PLASTIC MAN HAS FOUND HIS TALENT WHILE BEING A SOLDIER Georgi Tashev is one of the seven men in the world having such unique skills. Ivailo Nikolov Georgi Tashev's career as a plastic man started in 1986. At first he was a ballet dancer at the Rhythm Studio of Valentin Kostov who is at present assistant of the senior choreographer of the Canadian Television Ballet. George did his military service at T.Kableshkov Higher Military Transport School where his political commander gave him the idea to re-qualify from ballet dancer to plastic show man. During physical drills George displayed rare flexibility and amazed all the sergeants and soldiers with his gymnastics. His best trick was to climb the horizontal bar with a leg placed on his shoulder. After he left the school he was admitted to the Helios Studio at the Former L.Dimitrova Youth's Centre. After a year of painstaking work and sufferings under the guidance of the choreographer Rumiana Gencheva, he composed a program of his own in which he experimented new tricks. He suffered a trauma, but he kept on working with unbelievable violence upon his health and the risk to get a scoliosis of the spinal column. Tours in Syria, Lebanon, Norway and Germany followed. Everybody was stunned and shocked by the skills of the young Bulgarian. In 1993 at the Dai Do Gei Festival in the Japanese town of Cheswokee he was awarded first prize despite the fact that at the Sofia Airport he was robbed of his costumes so that he had to improvise. George is acknowledged to be a contortionist a man who bends his body to all directions. He is one of the seven men in the world who have this unique gift of Nature. The only thing he is sorry for is the current crisis of the Bulgarian Circus as he cannot perform a show on the arena, the proper place for an artist like him.

France Soir, 20.12.2001:

Rubber-man puts on a magnificent show because of his wide emotional intensity. A pedestal covered in a black mantel is placed on the stage. You can see skeletons dancing around, wandering souls from beyond the grave…Bells ring…stillness… A deafening rumble is moving the sleepy pedestal and something is creeping under the mantel, and it is coming into view as a ball of substance.You can see how arms …a head… a body… legs…are forming…This all looks shocking in ultra-violet light. From the very beginning a spectator is in his power. Although the dancer has a mask on his face he provokes different emotions in the audience by only gestures of his arms and moving his body - like power arisen from an unknown place, from somewhere, power - unknown what - for good or for evil… A creature in human form but not in origin, a creature looking for unknown what, who makes spectators wonder at such a performance. There is not time for applause. Rubberman is going from trick into a trick very quickly, and the next exclamation of delight is wrested from the audience. And it is like this until the end of the show.


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