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Sister Mary Catheter,
the Nun from Hell

Has the birthday boy/girl been bad? Do they need to do penance?
Shown the error of their ways? Is some punishment in order?
Hilarious "nun"
uses personal information you provide plus info provided
by party guests, to create a hilarious roast tailored for the Guest of Honor.
An unforgettable roast for your favorite Catholic victim, lapsed Catholic
"sinner" and/or
Catholic school graduate!


"Nancy, as the nun, was absolutely hilarious! The guests are still talking about her! And I'd love to get the words to her 'Irish Reproduction Ballad!' It was the funniest thing I've heard in a long, long time." - Gina O .

"Thank you, Adrienne, for recommending Nancy! She roasted my father perfectly! I loved the way she used the guests' info, too. It made everybody in the room a part of the fun. I would definitely recommend her, wholeheartedly, to anyone who was looking for something fun for their party." - Chris T.

"When [the nun] first came in, my guests didn't know what to think. I think they thought she was for real...until she started mangling the [invocation] prayer. Within minutes, they were laughing and clapping! She had them in the palm of her hand for nearly 45 minutes. Thanks! She was perfect! - Pat R.

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