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For non-job related inquiries (i.e. link exchange, media inquiries,
questions/comments about Adrienne or the website, etc.)
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Please note the *** pricing system on the
celebrity lookalikes pages. This will help
you determine if a performer is within your budget.
Take note, too, of where a performer is located
as this
will also impact their price. Shleppage charges add up!
(Clients pay all travel and accommodations, when necessary.)

Due to the volume of inquiries...
Forms with incomplete or sketchy infomation,
or just generally ridiculous requests will be ignored
(i.e. "We want your Ray Charles from Toronto at a baby shower in Toledo. Our budget is $200")
(Come on people! I'm trying to run a business, here!)

Are you a non-profit organization, television producer, marketing company?
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If relevant, please read our policy on charity/free media work
Which performer are you interested in? Did you see anything or anyone on the site in which you'd like to know more about? Are you looking for something specific which you didn't see on the site? Would you like us to suggest something in your price range? Do you want something funny, sexy, embarrassing, classy?   (note: we have hundreds of performers featured on our website. and this form serves all of them so if you are inquiring about someone in particular, please tell us WHO!)

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Charity Work

We and our performers give generously of our time
and income to the charities of our choice, therefore we cannot
offer free or even deeply discounted performances for other charities,
as worthy as they might be.

If a performer were to work for your event at no charge or at
a deep discount, it would likely require them turning down
normal-paying work for the same date/time. Alas, few of us have
that luxury... we're all just working stiffs, trying to make the rent.

While we appreciate that you may be a non-profit organization,
we, alas are not. We receive several such requests each week,
and it's simply not possible donate our time to all.


Unpaid Media Appearances

Hardly a week goes by, when we are not not asked by a TV producer
or marketing person to arrange a free appearance by one of our performers
for their show or PR media event. "It's great publicity," they will inevitably say.
Quite honestly, In all my years in business, neither I nor any performer
I know has ever received a single paid booking or even a phone call
from an appearance on TV. Thus, we no longer do them.

My performers and I are professionals. None of us work for free.
I'm sure you don't, either, nor do the other suppliers employed
or contracted by your company. For a television show which generates
millions of dollars in advertising to ask a poor actor to work for
nothing is, in our opinion, inconsiderate and disrespectful.

On rare occasions, if I feel a media opportunity is particularly
good for the career of one of my performers, as a favor to
him or her (not to the client!!) I will pass the info along and
give them the option, but these cases are few and far between.

If you want a performer for your TV show or media event,
please be prepared to pay for him/her!