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Body Painters

Sure, these talented artists can paint the faces and body parts of your guests, but even more spectacular, they will paint a model, from head to toe (bikini-clad or totally nude), as your guests watch in amazement! They can create any type of design you like to keep to the theme of your party -- even a corporate logo! Average full body painting takes about 2 1/2 hours.

Pashur - Florida

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Autumn - Body Painters Body Painters - Flag Body Painters - Mother Board
Body Painters - Psycho Kabuki Body Painters - Rock Star Body Painter - The Living Sea
Body Painter - Kabuki Palette
Body Painter - Leopard


Synthe - Atlanta
Body Painter - Blue Chemise Body Painter - Pink Bubbles body painter - watering can
Body Painter - Blue Man
Body Painter - Red Tie  

Mark - Dallas



Adrienne - Washington, DC

Body Painter - Harlequin Body Painter -Sadie Lune