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Strolling Human Tables


Strolling Tables have become so popular that in addition to our home base in New York City, we've set up another outlet Las Vegas, so they are now available in the LV area with no extra fees for travel.  We can also drive them to California at a reasonable rate.

Newly available in: Phoenix, Chicago,
and Detroit!
Next stop is Miami.

Some things to note when using these tables
Please read!


Featured on Wedding Is It Anyway? and My Fair Wedding!

Remember the worse the economy gets the more your guests
crave fantasy and some escapism!


see our Orlando area tables too

see our Ft. Lauderdale tables also

If you have a theme/color scheme that you don't see here, please ask
and we will try to arrange that for your party.

Wedding Cake


Shot Girl


Blue Fantasy


Blue Geisha
Chinese Opera


White Goddess


Gold Goddess


Carmen Miranda (woman)
Carmen Miranda (drag)


Lobster Lady


Red Jazz


Hula Girl


Miss Oyster


Saloon Lady


Mrs. Claus
Space Chick


Queen Elizabeth




Red Fantasy


Wedding Cake


Red Showgirl
Silver Dress


Green Spring
Pink Spring



"Marie Antoinette"


60's Glam

Human Tables



Strolling Human Tables - two tier

Strolling Human Tables - two tier



Blue-Gold Fantasia


Lady Gaga table


Great Gatsby Strolling Table


Jazz Age - Red Table

Great Gatsy Strolling Table


Flapper girls, below, can be booked as walk-arounds, to augment your
Jazz Age/Great Gatsby theme or these same costumes can be used inside a strolling tables.
Please inquire.


Harvest Table


Marilyn Monroe Table



Mirror table


Pink Mirror Table

Underwater Table
(please ask to see short video of table in motion)


Under the Sea





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