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Yet Another Miracle!

Some of you might have read about the "Virgin Mary" pretzel selling for $10, 600 on Ebay. (see article)

Naturally, after we read that, we were loathe to look at pretzels as merely lowly snack food ever again. Clearly, there was something mystical about these satsifyingly salty twists, and we were going to pay attention the next time we indulged in a bag!

Well, it didn't take long! There we were,  a mere 2 days later, in the Holiday Inn in Providence, RI,  when, lo and behold, the sack of Pennysticks Sourdough Pretzels began to rattle and shake! Suddenly, from deep within our bag of yeasty treats, a message spilled out onto the bed!! And unlike that abstract "Virgin Mary" curlicue, which may or may not have been a greeting from the spiritual realm, this was an absolutely clear pronouncement from on high!

I offer you proof, at last, of a higher power. Let the Ebay bidding begin!

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My husband, the internationally renown photographer (and all around swell guy)
Michael Berkowitz, communing with El Mondo Beyondo

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Internet Casino Buys 'Virgin Mary' Pretzel
Mar 10, 9:10 AM (ET)

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - An Internet casino that previously bought a partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich now has a pretzel that some believe is shaped like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.

Antigua-based Golden Palace Casino swooped in about 30 seconds before bidding closed Wednesday evening on the Internet auction site eBay.

The winning bid: $10,600.

"What it says to me is that this pretzel is so much more than an edible item. We only paid $3.29 for the whole bag," said Machelle Naylor, who sold the snack from her home in St. Paul.

The likeness of the Virgin Mary also was seen in the grilled cheese sandwich for which the Golden Palace paid $28,000 to a Florida woman in November.

Golden Palace spokesman Jon Wolf said the casino acquires such items for a variety of reasons. "We think the notoriety is worth it," Wolf said.

Naylor's 12-year-old daughter, Crysta, said she discovered the Rold Gold honey-mustard-flavored pretzel while snacking and watching television with her family on Feb. 27.

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created 3-15-05
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