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Adrienne Gusoff is among the most quoted humorists on the internet. Her sayings have appeared on hundreds of sites, in scores of countries. Many of these pithy lines first appeared on award-winning greeting cards, buttons, post-it notes, mugs and more. They are now available on T-shirts, mousepads, journals, caps and other items for your gift-giving pleasure (and for your own pleasure, too, of course!)


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Separated at birth?
Bush vs. Bin Laden

One of the web's favorite quotes
on all kinds of products!

just when you realize life's a bitch, it has puppies

The story of my life.
Perhaps of yours, too?

("I don't want to work
but I have to work,
to make enough money
so I don't have to work")

I don't want to work, but I have to work, to make enough money so I don't have to work


For those who are all stressed out over being all stressed out
I meditate, I burn candles, I drink green tea.... and I still want to smack somebody


All you need to know
in life, on a mousepad

If you live your life with your head up your ass,  you always experience the same old shit.

"Why are you staring at my tits?"
on ladies' T's, camisoles, etc....

Why are you staring at my tits?

Kamasutra Kamikaze
(willing to try every position

in one night or die trying)

Kamisutra Kamikaze

The perfect t-shirt for
the woman with hot flashes

Hot Flashes


If ya got 'em, baby, flaunt 'em!
Available on T-shirts, maternity tops, mugs, more




Available on Tshirts, cards, more.

shiksa goddess

For all those deep and meaningful philosophical thoughts.

The ideal gift for your favorite
slacker (or draft dodger)
(This IS all I can be.)

This IS all I can be


Veni, Vidi, Vomiti
(I came, I saw, I spit up)

Veni, Vidi, Vomiti -- I came, I saw, I spit up






Perfect for the little drooler!

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