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What can I say? The Virgin Mary appears to me everywhere.
Pretty odd, considering my profession. But then, maybe not.
After all, isn't she the ultimate "Jewish Mother?"


Our Lady of Indoor Plumbing
Soap, in the bathroom sink




The Velveeta Virgin and Baby Cheez Wiz
Cheese on a flat bread


Our Lady of Chicle (aka The ABC Virgin)
Why my chewing gum keeps its flavor on the bedpost overnight
(I think it rather looks like Michelangelo's


Miracle of the Moo Shu Jesus
This is what happens when Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas
A totally moo-shu-geneh miracle.


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The Anti Miracle:

This story, from my good buddy Dave out in Seattle:

A client asked me to take a look at his brand new stereo which wasn't working.   He'd put in a CD and soon after, the $400 unit stopped dead.  It wouldn't even turn on. Nothing. Nada.

I took the whole thing apart until I got to the diskette innards, only to find that the disk had blown apart, shattering into small fragments and completely destroying the insides of his new deck.  The name of that CD?


  "Prayer Power for Financial Blessings"

Do you have another true Anti-Miracle story like this? Please let me know! I'd love to add it to this page!

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