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Paper Sack Puppets

Several years ago, for laughs, I gave all the adults at our annual family Hanukkah party little goody bags, filled with small gag gifts (cheap Groucho noses, "Billy Bob teeth," little toys and games from the dollar store). They were so much fun for all and made such great photo ops, I continued the tradition. Each year, in some way, I try to outdo my efforts from the previous year.

In 2004, I was inspired to create novel packaging for the gifts. My husband, Michael, and I spent weeks creating about 30 of these "Fandango" style paper bag puppets, to hold the goodies. Some were made with specific people in mind (ie Freud for my uncle, the psychologist; Rastaman for a certain stoner relative who shall remain unnamed) Here's the really sick part: except for the paper bags, everything used in these puppets I already had in my crafts closet! (See, this is why I never throw anything away!)

Outdoing myself, year after year, is getting to be quite a challenge. As I write this, it's three weeks until the 2006 party and I have no idea how I'm going to package this season's gifts. I don't think I will ever be able to surpass the puppets but I keep hoping that a brilliant (and easy) idea will pop into my head in enough time to actually execute it! (Any ideas? Love to hear 'em!)

The presents, I should say, have gotten better and better each Hanukkah. I start my hunt for the following year's booty the day after the party -- bargains, silly stuff from the discount store, tag sale items. Lots of items are hand-made by me. (jewelry, polymer clay items, candles, silly gag gifts, etc.) Perhaps I can get away with plain packaging this year since I've spent so much time actually making the gifts!

And now...presenting.....

The Paper Sack Puppets
(click each photo to see larger image)


Don King

Count Vlad




China doll




The King


Freida Kalho

Guido with Spaghetti




Leopardskin Pillbox Hat









Suicidal Snowman

Sweet Sue

Trumpy Dumpty

Skwoowy Wabbit








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