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John M
Character Actor and Corporate Comedian

This performer is based in southern NJ/Philly area, and travels everywhere

Available for:
Meet and Greets, Roasts, Private Parties, Seminars, Training Programs,
Product Roll Outs, Awards Dinners, Retirement Dinners,


The Ultimate Philly Fan
great for Philly-area promotions

(click here for more pics)

Philly promo - Philly fan


Joey Provalone
You tawking ta me???

Guido greaseball

see more Joey


Melvyn Swoorbotnick
Nerdberger Extraordinaire



Rocky Balboa
For more pix, click here

Rocky Balboa impersonator  Philly

Ted E. Bear
50's Singing Sensation
(to see and hear John as Elvis, click here)

Elvis impersonator Philly


Todd DelaMuca and Lisa Loopner
"Quit it, Tooooddddddd!"

Lisa Loopner and Todd


Rod Serling
You have entered...the Twilight Zone....

Rod Serling impersonator - Philly


Vito Corleone
I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse!


Arghhh! Yo ho ho and a bottle of whatever...


Bob the Hippie
It's all sunshine and rainbows, man!


"You must remember this...a knish is just a knish..."



Darth Vader
"Luke...I'm your father....and I don't even get a Father's Day card?!"

Darth Vader impersonator


Phantom of the Opera
(John is a great singer!)





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