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Joey Provalone

This performer is based in the South Jersey/Philly area and travels anywhere

"Joey Provalone" is a hilarious party guest/crasher. Give him a back-story (i.e. he's somebody's college roommate's cousin who's in town and insinuated himself into the festivities) and unleash him on your guests. He will have everyone howling with laughter in no time! A gen-u-ine character!!


Yuz tawkin' ta me?

Joey Provalone - Italian Comic


Wait a minute. I gotta call my tailor...

Funny Italian character - Philly area


Lemme tell ya sumpin...

Guido character


Yo! How ya doooin?!

Italian comic


Datsa nice!

Joey Provalone - funny Italian comical character


Eh! Wassa matta u?

Not the Godfather but you can kiss his ring


Not the Godfather but you can kiss his ring

Hilarious Italian comic




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