Human Tables

Some Things to Know:


To assure that everything goes smoothly at your event, there are a few things to know when using one of these tables:

1.  The performer will need a private place to change and get into makeup (not a public bathroom -- that will ruin the surprise for your guests!) Most catering places have a bride's room available, and that's perfect.

2.  We will need an area to set up/dress the table also outside the view of the guests.  Once the table is ready to go,  it needs a 5 foot wide entryway to get into the party (i.e. double doors)  So, for example, if your party is in a hotel ballroom or catering hall, we might be able to set up in a corridor off to the side somewhere, and come in via the large entryway.

3.  If you want the table to be able to move from Point A to Point B within the room (i.e. from the entry point to another area in the room),  you need to be sure there at least 5' of clearance for it to move through.  You should discuss this with the caterer so they are aware of this when they set up the dinner tables.  Obviously,  our huge table can't move through a cluster of seated guests!  This should not be a problem, as long as whoever is setting up the layout knows about it in advance.

4.  The table moves better on a wooden or marble floor vs. carpeting, so when you're thinking about where you want it to go,  you might keep that in mind.

5.  Assuming you will be putting desserts (or some food item) on the table, the food should be on trays (5 large trays should do it) NOT directly on the table.  While the table top is covered with plexiglass, we do use chemicals to clean it...  you really don't want to put food directly on it!

6.  Because the table is such an attention grabber,  guests gravitate to it and very often whatever food items are put on it,  are snarfed up pretty quickly.  Make your caterer aware of this, so they know to keep an eye on it and replenish it, if necessary.