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Fantastic Henna and Glitter/Jewel Body Art

please note: while we do have other henna artists arond the country,
these glitter body art designs are available by this artist alone, in NYC


Henna is a natural dye that stains the skin and lasts for about 2 weeks. Pros: quicker to draw than glitter designs since it's one step. Cons: takes 30min to dry and needs the henna paste to remain, undisturbed, on the skin for few hours which can limit some activities. Takes about two days to get the darkest color.

Waterproof glitter lasts for about a week. Pros: worry free, easy to take care of once it's done,  comes in different colors, can embellished with Swarovski crystals. Cons:  2 step process, so it's a bit slower to apply than henna. (The special body glue is applied, then it has to set up a bit and get tacky before the glitter can be applied.)






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