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You don't have to be Jewish to howl at this
hilarious "Jewish Grandma" who gives
advice on everything from sex (and how to avoid it!) to
cooking, children, love, fashion & shopping, etc.
Bubby will also use personal inforomation you provide
to "roast" the bride. Includes silly songs, shtick, props, etc.

Belly Dance Lessons

Let one of New York's most well known
belly dancers/choreographers teach the
ladies how to shimmy and shake.
Prizes and favors available.

Joan Rivers impersonator

Who better to dish with the girls,
give advice on marriage and/or
roast the bride, than a
Joan Rivers impersonator.

Dr. Ruth impersonator

Hilarious "sex advice" from
America's favorite geriatric sexologist


Beautiful Boudoir Photos

Michael Berkowitz is one of the country's
leading boudoir photographers. His new book,
by Goliath, is selling all over the world and his award- winning work is owned by some of the
world's most discerning collectors.
Let him bring his camera and props to your location or bring the girls into his studio to have
beautiful "French Postcard" style, sepia-toned
photos taken wearing gorgeous
vintage clothing, lingerie and jewelry, set
against lushly textured Victorian style sets.
Sure to be treasured forever!

(click either photo to visit Michael's website)

Ducky DooLittle
Ducky DooLittle
Workshops with America's
Sexologist Extraordinaire

Toys and Gifts included

more about Ducky


The Nerd

(note:performers vary)

Surprise the bride-to-be with a visit from
her "long-time secret admirer," a geeky,
goofy nerd who knows all about her
from having "watched her from afar
for years." You supply all those embarrassing
moments she'd prefer to forget and
which he "remembers" fondly. He'll try to
to convince her NOT to marry
her fiance and run away with him.


Sister Mary Vendetta
The Nun From Hell

This irreverently reverent nun roasts
the bride using personal info you
provide in an uproarious way!
(She can be an Irish or Italian nun)
You haven't laughed until
you've heard her sing her original
"Reproduction Ballad


Striptease Lessons

Learn how to take it off,
take it all off. (no nudity)

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Impersonators, Look-Alikes
and Tribute Artists. Elvis,
Cher, Marilyn, many more.

In and Out! Quick and Funny!
New York Metro and Florida.
The ridiculous to the sublime.

Unique performers who'll
make your party unforgettable!
Many exclusive to us!

Roast the guest of honor
with personalized material
written just for them.

Santa, Elvis Santa, Elves,
Cupids, Hearts, Leprauchauns,
Easter Bunnies, more.

We use facts about the guest
of honor or your company and
turn them into a hilarious game!

Belly Dancers, Burlesque,
hula; African, Brazilian, Irish
dancers, swing, ballroom...

Amazing performers - shows or
sleight of hand walk-arounds.
Plus Tarot, palm, psychics.

Wacky officiants, unusual
entertainment, interesting
extras, much more

Unique, unusual ideas to make
your party special including
comics, impersonators, boudoir
photo sessions, sex lessons

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Entertainment
Entertainment geared to make
this special day both fun and
memorable. They'll be talking
about it for years!

Clowns, costumed characters,
story-tellers, face painters,
kid's magic, games, more

MC's, hosts, motivatators,
speakers, performers. Comics
and actors for industrial films.

From Doo Wop to the Monkees,
from British Invasion groups to
Disco, 80's, Motown, much more.
These are the real deal!

Tony Bennett, Ray Charles,
Tom Jones, James Brown,
Chuck Berry, many more.

Some things just defy
categorization. We put
them here.

gifts sent anywhere in the US
links and wacky fun stuff
Because sometimes, when it
comes to entertainment, you
just need immediate gratification