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Psychic Madam Klotz

This performer is based in West Bloomfield, MI.

Psychic, MI 

Madam Klotz channels the spirit world with help from her special hat, complete with "all seeing eyeballs," a telephone with a hotline to the "other side" and antenna for tuning in to the world beyond!

Madam Klotz's Psychic Tarot readings are a humorous and entertaining additional to any party. . Appropriate for all ages, her readings are always positive and upbeat. No "Gloom and Doom" from Madam Klotz!

She uses a variety of styles of Tarot Cards. In addition to the traditional deck, there are Gummy Bear Tarot cards for the younger set---a big hit at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs! There are also The Housewives Tarot Cards---a lot of fun at bachelorette parties! There are even giant Tarot Cards for roving around parties giving 1 card spontaneous readings to the guests and many more surprises!





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