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This look-alike is based in NYC


Ozzie Osbourne Impersonator New York

Ozzie Osbourne Look-Alike NYC


Our Ozzie (right) with the real Ozzie


A long time fan of Ozzy and Black Sabbath, this celebrity "Ozzy" impersonator/entertainer has shocked fans and clients with his remarkable personality and resemblance to the Prince of Darkness himself, the Legendary Ozzy Osbourne.His first concert as a kid was Black Sabbath, which acted as a catalyst to his longtime devotion and interest into the life and music of Ozzy Osbourne.. He is truly the biggest Ozzy fan and eerily has grown to look exactly like Ozzy! People stop Billy wherever he goes with the picture requests and the "Oh my God's!" He is a crowd favorite at the yearly OZZFEST, where he is summoned to take pictures and to perform bit of his "Ozzy" routine for eager fans...He has appeared on MTV, has worked private parties and corporate events across the states, and has won awards for his "Ozzy" likeness!! Experienced in the entertainment industry, Billy adds to his credits his performances on the professional wrestling circuit. His character was written especially for his "Ozzy" persona; performing as "Father Osbourne." He is experienced and can masterfully work large crowds or smaller, private venues. Besides his remarkable resemblance to his longtime idol, his true gift is his crowd pleasing personality. He has the ability to steal the show wherever he is.. He can mingle with the finest of guests with his stumbling, rock-God performance.. He creates an entertaining, fun environment as he engages his audience/guests with his character routine...Guaranteed to bring entertaining life and laughs to all events.


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