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Using actual NASCAR autos! Players "race" on actual NASCAR tracks!


What a NASCAR Simulator Promotion can do for you:


Promotional Support

We are committed to the success of your NASCAR promotion.  After all, we want your event to be so successful that you want to have us back!  To help with the success of your NASCAR promotion, we provide an extensive level of support materials and ideas to help generate interest in your big day.  Our included full media kit contains the following:

-50 Pit Crew T-shirts for yourdriving customers!
-Radio Script
-Press Releases
-Digital Images
-Promotional Buttons
-Video footage for TV spots
-Full support for any tie-in promotions

Additionally, we can provide personal assistance to help you create a custom promotion that generates interest, draws customers, and maximizes your promotion success.  The possibilities are endless:

-100 to 100,000 fully personalized direct mail fliers
- Customized T-shirts
-Promotional buttons (for your staff to wear)
-Much More(contact us for more ideas)


We also offer smaller, "cockpit only" type simulators, which can be linked (usually 4-6 players) so players can compete against each other. Track progress is show on a big screen, so spectators feel as if they are at a real race! Let the cheering begin!





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