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Dave Letterman

based in the L.A. area; will travel anywhere




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FOUR-T I M E   A w a r d   W I N N I N G ! !  
  &   Impersonator Of The Year (twice) ! !

Gregg "Letterhead" has performed for about half the Fortune 500 companies over the past 12 years.

   Known for his professionalism and smooth running shows. Many companies ask Gregg to return year after year.

   His high energy approach as David Letterman has placed him among The Top 10 impersonators in the United States. Either as a Master of Ceremonies, or producing a personalized Top 10 in a studio, Gregg's uncanny resemblance and mannerisms are unparalleled.

Gregg Letterhead has performed over 1000 shows!!! Amoung the most memorable:

  • Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas 2001 Award for Best Presenter and Presentation. Tivo, Sony, Phillips Booth

  • Opening act for Tony Bennett, Dana Carvey, Sinbad, Joe Montana, Captain and Tenile, Three Dog Night, Ronnie Lott, and others.

  • NASA's Annual Christmas Party, ( 3 Times )

  • Johnny Carson's Return, (national commercial)
    Burger King, (Radio Ad)

Top 5 Way's to make
your big event go big!

#5 The Big Entrance:
Personalized entrance with the music form the Letterman Show with your company's slogan professionally edited within.

#4 Stand Up Comedy:
Taylored to make your crowd laugh.

#3 Top Ten List:
Your companies inside jokes exposed creativity
on a Top Ten List that is always hilarious

#2 Roast the Host:
Find the best targets. . . .and let "Letterman"do the rest.

#1 Coveted Canned Ham Award.
Better than winning an Oscar!


Celebrity Impersonators

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