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Johnny D

Celebrity Impersonations

In addition to characters below, John also does:

Howie Mandel
Croc Hunter
Dr. Phil

Austin Powers

Regis Philbin

Groucho Marx

Lt. Columbo


Ed Sullivan

Charlie Chaplin

Elvis Presley



Napoleon Bonaparte

Larry King

Inspector Clouseau

Dr. Evil

Father Sarducci





Original Characters

Bert Sellmore


Melvin the Nerd

Benni Fellini

Uncle Sam


Mort Feldman

Melvin the Nerd

Beanie Fellini

Bert Sellmore

Tony Two T's

Lounge Guy

Tony Two T's

Uncle Sam

Mort Feldman

Sammy Vee

Listen to Johnny D

Uncle Sam Uncle Sam
Brooklyn Elf Brooklyn Elf
Hippie Elf Hippie Elf
Mort Mort 
Melvin Melvin
Beanie Beanie
Bert Sellmore Bert Sellmore  
Tony Two T's Tony Two T's
Lounge Guy Lounge Guy


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