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Israeli Sand Artist
This performance artist is based in Israel
(please note, prices in the U.S. start at about $15K)

please ask to view additional video

Ilana is an amazing multifaceted artist who combines her talents -- sketching, sculpture and performance art -- to create her own unique Sand Art Tableaux.

Using only her fingers, Ilana draws on and with sand, creating incredible images, three-dimensional vistas, and living drawings which play out in perfect time with the accompanying music, projected onto a large screen. Her performances are fascinating to watch, and can be tailored for any client (i.e. incorporating corporate logos; themed to a particular event; following a storyboard for an advertisement; or telling the story of a song in a music video.)

More than just "drawing with sand," Ilana's fingers dance on the glass to the music, creating a powerful and moving "show" in which the audience cannot help but become involved.

How it works:

A video camera is positioned over the glass table, following Ilana's hands as she draws the images, wipes them away and begins again. The images, as well as the shadow of her hands, are instantaneously projected onto a big screen for the audience to see, synchroized to specially chosen music. (Music can illustrate story, or story can illustrate specific song.)



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