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This performer is based in Ottawa, Canada
and travels all over North America at very reasonable prices


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Love Bug

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George Strait impersonator

George Strait impersonator

George Strait impersonator

George Strait impersonator

About Nelson

Born in Ottawa, raised across the river in the modest town of Aylmer, Quebec, Nelson is a true "country boy". He grew up listening to several types of music, but honed in on country after a trip to visit his uncle who played guitar. He instructed Nelson to play three chords and a country rhythm. Well, he caught on instantly and was hooked for life.......his passion had been discovered!Upon returning home, Nelson asked his mother if he could have a guitar for Christmas. His family never had much money, but when Christmas morning came, Nelson just knew what was in that big box under the tree! He got his guitar and a chord sheet......and so it began.

Nelson was 12 years old when he started learning to play. There was nothing else in life as magical as playing that guitar....that is until Nelson made another discovery.....he could sing! His path was set. Four years later, Nelson landed his first paying gig in a small club in Aylmer. He played and sang his heart out for ten dollars per night, four nights per week while attending school. Three years later, in October, 1984, Nelson formed his first band, a trio named "Tumbleweed". They performed throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec playing traditional country, and the "new" country sound of the time . Nelson left home and got a place of his own, a 1978 Ford van. All the comforts of home with four wheels! He spent the summer of '86 living in that van, until he met Sylvie. A sail boat ride, a romantic chipwagon lunch.........and they fell in love. They're still married today, and have a wonderful daughter.

That same year, 1986, Nelson found himself a keyboard player, changed the name of the band to "Northern Express", and had the busiest four years ever. Eventually the band broke up and Nelson found himself working again as a single act. In 1995, his entry into "The Y105 Talent Search" would win him first position on the Y105 Talent Search compilation CD. After that, Nelson was asked to appear on several local cable television shows such as The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame Awards Show, and the Ottawa Heart Institute Telethon.

Encouraged by the successful outcome of the Y105 Talent Search, Nelson tried to get another group together, but times had changed. Country music had changed, and the future didn't look too promising. One evening during a rehearsal, a band member suggested that Nelson bring his original material to well-known steel guitar player, and record producer, Al Bragg. Nelson made the call and Al listened to his material. The year was 2000, and with the help of Al Bragg, Nelson recorded and released his first two song CD. The music was traditional country with just a hint of the new sound. Nelson distributed his CD to country radio, and to his delight, his song "That Was Then, This Is Now" won first place for an entire week on country radio station BLAZE 96 FM in Cornwall, Ontario.

Nelson suddenly found himself with a new four piece band, including Al Bragg of course, who approached Nelson with the idea of putting together a major tribute show to Nelsons' absolute influence and king of country music, George Strait! It took a couple of attempts, but now Nelson is the lead singer and lead guitarist of this exciting new show named "Pure, Strait Country".

Nelson says, "Putting this show together was the biggest and hardest thing I have ever done. We had to record a six song teaser cd, film a music video for widescreen DVD, build a web site and promote the show..........did I miss anything?'



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