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Celebrity Impersonators


Family and Friends
who happen to look like famous people

(most not for hire - just for fun!)


Cousin Jay (left) looks so much like FEMA director Michael Chertoff (much to Jay's chagrin) that when he shows up in a public space, he's often approached by concerned passersby, asking if there's some kind of "situation" going on.



My brother in law, Steve (right). When the movie "Borat" first came out, and the posters were all over the theaters, my nephew's friends would ask "Is that your father in the movie?"



Cousin Michael looks, sounds and even thinks like Jon Stewart.
He IS available for lookalike work.



My aunt's brother, Larry, caught in a goofy moment at a family party, is the spittin' image of Hal Linden (Barney Miller). And no, Larry usually doesn't wear a pirate hat!



My dear old pal, Davie, kinda looks like Sean Hayes
(Jack McFarland from 'Will and Grace") but this is an old photo.




I always thought my sister, Susie, looked like Princess Di. All she needs is the crown jewels!




Even as a kid, I always loved the actor Adolph Menjou because he reminded me of my beloved grandfather, Sam Goldfried (d.1981) Both were debonair and very snappy dressers!


My Uncle Marvin (son of "Adolph Menjou," father of "Jon Stewart," grandfather of "Mr. Bean") looks just like Jerry Stiller (aka "Frank Costanza") especially when he used to have a mustache. One day he passed Jerry Stiller on the street, and he actually looked at my uncle and did a double take!


My cousin's son, Sammy, ("Jerry Stiller's" grandson) doing his best Mr Bean impression.



My friend Mary looks remarkably like Barbara Barrie ("Suddenly Susan," "Private Benjaman" et al.)




My old beau, Luis who wouldn't hurt a fly, looks scarily like Osama! (Just imagine Luis in a long, scraggly beard and turban.)



My gorgeous friend Tom (born and raised in East Berlin, now living/sailing in Panama) looks quite a bit like Viggo . (This is an old photo. They are about the same age.)



My cousins' cousin David looks quite a bit like Matt Damon, I think... ("Hal Linden's" son)



My little pal, Ginger (who lives in my building) looks like a mini version of my grown-up friend Taylor, fashion model and proprietess of the wonderful Heaven on Main Street in Bovina, NY


And Taylor reminds me Myrna Loy









Celebrity Impersonators

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