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This performer is based in New York City

Dorit Belly Dancer New York


At the age of three, Dorit began studying dance and music. Some of the many dance styles she studied were ballet, jazz, tap, flamenco, African, and ballroom dance, as well as gymnastics. A destined twist of fate and an immersion in North African and Middle Eastern culture led her to become one of the most highly regarded ethnic dancers today. Egyptian musicians have called her "the best Middle Eastern dancer in America." Dorit studied Arabic and Turkish bellydance with Serena Wilson, one of the most noted belly dancers of all time and now is teaching at Serena's Studio. She has also studied many variations of this dance form with great teachers in NYC and abroad.

In addition to regularly performing at clubs and restaurants, Dorit has also appeared at Lincoln Center, Town Hall, The Bowery Ballroom, The Ibis Supper Club, Pantheon Theatre, Connelly Theatre, and Theatre East. Among the many renowned international artists she has performed for or with are Alabina, Hassan Hakmoun, Tommy Lee, Harvey Keitel, Julianna Margulies, Cheb Khaled, and Hakim.

Dorit has appeared in articles on Middle Eastern dance in such noted publications as The New York Times, and Talent magazine.

Her dance and acting talents have led her to film and television, including MTV.





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