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Sonalee's Bollywood Dancers


"Bollywood dance style is vibrant, colorful and bursting with energy!"

Born in India, Sonalee came to USA at the age of 14. She began dancing at the age of 4, with intensive training in Indian classical dances. She is an outstanding Bollywood dancer also trained in jazz, ballet, tap & Latin dances at various NY studios. Sonalee is also known for her award winning choreography which has been highly praised by well- known Bollywood celebrities like Aishwariya Rai & Shilpa Shetty to name a few.

After gaining worldwide recognition & admiration for her talent, she founded her own dance company in New York and New Jersey. Her studio in NJ is decorated with numerous dance competition trophies & plaques that she has received for choreography, dance & costume, evarying from folk to fusion. Her personal grace & electrifying energy have earned her a reputation as one of the top Indian dancers in the northeast.







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