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This performer is based in Los Angeles, CA

photo: Lina Jang


Jenna at Desert passage, Las Vegas

Jenna with Cyndi Lauper
in Las Vegas


Jenna began her dance training at the age of four, and continued her study of ballet, and later modern dance, through college. In 1991, she turned her attention to middle-eastern dance, and took her first lessons in a small Turkish restaurant in Berkeley, CA. Her interest piqued by this discovery, Jenna soon after spent a semester studying and living among the people in Turkey, focusing on women's issues and learning the Turkish language. After graduating in 1995, she returned for another semester based in Ankara, where she acted as Coordinator for the college students on the study-abroad program there. Once back in New York City, she continued studying belly dance at Anahid Sofian Studios, and then intensified her training at Serena Studios where she has taught since 1998. That year, Jenna was selected to form the trio Bellyqueen: Danse Orientale, with whom she created and performed original choreographies until 2002.

In the spring of 2000, Jenna made an appearance as the "Goddess Instructor" on an episode of HBO's Sex & the City. That same year she was awarded the role of "Yasmine" in NYPACO's production of "Banat Al Amir" or The Dancing Princesses, and was honored to work alongside Samara & Ghazal Rohani. She has also had the privilege of working with fusion singer and dancer, Jehan Kamal on "Ballet Exotiqa." In 2002, Jenna was asked by Serena to recreate a performance Serena herself was famous for, including her signature candle piece. Jenna was thrilled to perform this tribute as part of a retrospective of Serena's life in the dance.

Jenna's professional, heartfelt performances have taken her to Dallas, Miami, and for a 6-month contract, Las Vegas, bellydancing in the production show at Desert Passage on the strip. There, she was fortunate to dance daily with such esteemed musicians as Bachir Abdel-Al, Amir Sofy and Fouad Jarcheh. For her teaching skills, Jenna was invited to in Japan in the summer of 2003 to teach bellydance at Komatsu Studios in Tokyo and Yokohama. Although much of Jenna's time is spent teaching the art of middle eastern dance, she believes in continuing to develop herself as well, learning at every opportunity by studying this dance in its many forms -- Egyptian bellydance, gypsy style, and regional folk dances among them.






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