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This performer is based in San Diego and covers San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County


Dilek is one of the most popular authentic Turkish belly dancers in Southern California. She learned her craft in Turkey, where she was born and raised. Using veil, tambourine, sword, cane, and the candle tray, she mesmerizes audiences with her impressions and feelings, interpreting the music and incorporating those emotions into her performances. Her strong shimmies, Turkish drops and backbends, beautiful and elegant arm moves, strong isolations, high energy, communication with her audience, and face impressions make her unique among Turkish dancers.

A regular dancer at San Diego's most popular restaurants, Dilek also available for weddings, birthday parties, and bridal showers, as well as corporate events and wrap parties. She is also available for teaching Belly Dance introductory or specialty workshops of any size to entertain your guests.



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