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This performer is based in the Chicago area


Chellcy is a professional belly dancer with many years of experience both teaching, choreographing, and performing.  She has 19 years of classical dance training including ballet, modern, tap, and jazz.  She loves dancing and is always exploring new dance forms including salsa, bachata, hip-hop, flamenco, tango, Irish, Congolese, and swing just to name a few. Chellcy's broad studies on dance have enriched her belly dancing and performing and given her dancing a creative and innovative edge through the fusion of some of these dance forms with Raqs Sharqi.  She has studied Raqs Sharqi with many teachers including such renowned dancers as Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour, Shoshanna, Patricia, Eva Cernik, Dahlena, Aida Noor, Lubna Emam, Momo Kadous, Khaled, Yasmina Ramzey, Mahmoud Reda and many more.

Originally from California, Chellcy is currently residing, teaching, and performing in Chicago, IL.  She performs solo and with her best friend Jacqueline as a duet.  Chellcy performs regularly at nightclubs, parties, weddings, shows, and competitions.

She has performed and/or taught workshops all over the U.S., Malta, Italy, and Sweden. She performs in many styles, however Saiidi, Spanish Fusion, and Egyptian Cabaret are her specialties. She also incorporates many props in her dancing including four yard and double circle veils, finger cymbals, canes, skirts, and fans just to name a few.


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