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Azza Amon - Belly Dancer - New York

Video available upon request

Azza Amon takes "wing"

Recognized as one of New York's top dancers, Azza Amon is a mesmerizing performer, highly skilled in authentic Belly Dance technique and adept at entertaining any audience.

Trained in New York and Egypt, Azza honed her craft dancing to life Arabic orchestras at New York's famous clubs, including The Ibis and Cedars of Lebanon.

She has taught and performed in seven countries, from a five-star hotel in Bahrain, to the Egyptian embassies in Tokyo and Washington, DC. She was the sole dancer at the 2001 New York concert of Egypt's No. 1 pop star, Hakim. She has been on MTV and entertained such celebrities as Ron Howard, Robert Plant, Donald Trump and Adnan Koshogi.

Thrill your guests with an amazing dance by Azza - a perfect addition for any occasion.



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