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This performer is based in Ft. Lauderdale

Amina has been belly dancing since 1995. She is a former gymnast and lover of all forms of dance, in addition to having studied Martial Arts and drama for several years. Quite a few years prior to taking up oriental dance, she studied jazz and drama at the University of Maryland.  She has been studying Middle Eastern Dance (Raqs Sharqi) since 1995 and has attended numerous workshops across the country and the state of Florida.  She has studied with many local well, known oriental dance performers/instructors; Kamila, Maja, Virginia, Bozenka, and Jihan Jamal to name a few.  She has also studied Oriental Dance with Suhaila Salimpour, Delilah of Seattle, Dahlia Carella of N.Y., Suzanne Del Vecchio of Co., Jillina of Ca., Horacio & Beata of Germany,  Dahlena of Chicago, Yousry Shariff, originally from Egypt, Amir Thaleb of Argentina, Aziza of Oregon, Jim Boz of Ca., Shoshanna of Ca., Angelica Nemuth and Zhaleha Fereshteh, formerly of Atlanta.  She has also studied various forms of tribal and world tribal belly dance styles and tribal fusion styles, with Fat Chance Belly Dance, Gypsy Caravan, Urban Tribal, Jill Parker, Khajira Djoumani, and her favorite tribal belly dance group, Zafira of Pa. f/k/a Ghawazee.

Performing professionally in restaurants, private parties, weddings and corporate events since 1998. She has been teaching group and private lessons since early 1999. She recently danced for Arturo Sandoval's birthday and other celebrity events in the Miami area.  Her vivacious style is exciting, yet earthy and sultry.  Her grace, technique and precise sense of timing combined with her beautiful and elegant costuming captivates her audiences. Her great feel for the music, her natural rhythm and timing will make a visit from Amina the highlight of your next party!


Need to make a real statement at your next party? Create an impression few will ever forget?
Let Amina and her friends put on a spectacular show to entertain your guests!




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