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This performer is based in Westchester County, NY and also serves southern CT

Aszmara is a well-known teacher and dancer. She has traveled the world, bringing her art and her workshops to appreciative audiences everywhere. She is the ideal choice for Middle-Eastern audiences who appreciate the finer subtlies of the dance, as well as Western audiences who wish to experience an authentic dancer. Her prices are reflective of her talent and experience, and begin in the $375-$400 range.


Aszmara - Belly Dancer -Westchester, NY

Aszmara - Belly Dancer -Westchester, NY


International Performances & Workshops
  • Uhuru World Festival: Weeklong Workshop & Performance. Soloturn, Switzerland
  • Lenk Symposium for Music & Movement in Lenk, Switzerland
  • Yearly Performance & Workshop Tours through Switzerland: Zurich, Bern, Luzern, Winterthur, et al.
  • Since 1989 Yearly Weeklong Dance Workshops in Switzerland
  • Weeklong Workshops on regular basis in Toscana, Italy
  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • Dublin, Belfast, Galway & Cork, Ireland
  • Performance Tours in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, France, Bahamas & Bermuda

National Performance & Workshops

  • 2003, 2001, 2000 & 1999 Festival of the Nile, Florida
  • Workshop Series in Newburgh, NY
  • Adjunct Professor at The College of New Rochelle since 2002
  • Ongoing class schedule in Manhattan, New York & Connecticut;
  • Instruction, coaching & choreography for dance companies and solo performers
  • Workshop Series in Manhattan
  • Guest Artist & Teacher in New Hampshire, Vermont, Florida, Boston, Connecticut, New Jersey & Pennsylvania
  • Workshop Series in Stamford, Connecticut
  • Weekend Workshops in New Jersey, Boston, Vermont & New Hampshire
  • Regular Performer in all the major NYC nightclubs: Fazil’s, Baba’s, Darvish, Marrakesh, Ibis...
  • Frequent Guest Artist in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
  • Ethical Cultural Society
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music, Niklaus/Louis Choreospace, Washington Square Church with Elena Lentini & Co
  • Scottish Rites Auditorium, Hollywood, California with Ramzi El Adlibi Dance Co.
  • Commissioned choreography for New Rochelle Opera Company, & New Rochelle Civic Theatre
  • Yearly Educational Dance programs at New Rochelle Library

American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance Hall of Fame

Recipient of AAMED Hall of Fame Award 1997

SaZ Dance Theatre

co-artistic director with Robert Koch, choreographer, producer & performer

NYC Evening Length Productions of:

  • "Out of Time"
  • "Time Sojourns"
  • "Non-Stop Belly-Dance"
  • "Veiled Threat"

Performance Venues:

  • Ohio Theatre
  • Evolving Arts Theatre
  • Movements Afoot
  • Knitting Factory
  • SounDance Repertory
  • Dance Space
  • Morocco's Tent Theater

“Aszmara, an internationally known dancer, provided one of the highlights of the day with an exquisite solo. Using every inch of her eloquent body she clarified the music in all its depth and richness.” -- Reading Times, PA

“There were several vivid solos. ‘Herosi Bar,’ choreographed and performed by Aszmara... began languidly, then grew increasingly intense.” --Jack Anderson, New York Times

“Aszmara... respected for their high production value and their repertory of dances spanning the Middle Eastern spectrum” --Arabesque Magazine, NY

“... frenzied moments surfaced when Aszmara made full use of theatrical possibilities of the finger-cymbals and swirling chiffon costumes of her own design.” --The Irish Times, Dublin

“She is the most beautiful... and dances so, that one is first in the story of a Thousand and One Nights.”-- Zurich Press, Switzerland

“... a fire red whirlwind is Aszmara. Her artistic movements go beyond this dance.” --Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Switzerland

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