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Psychics, Mentalists, Magicians

Ehud the Mentalizer


Ehud is world renown for his unique entertainment,
providing altogether new definition of fun.

The Mentalizer Show is not for everyone - performed in such an ingeniously eccentric manner - it will never fade from your memory. Coming from Israel, Ehud was always amazed by the unique abilities Uri Geller showed and decided to study and dig deep into the fascinating world of 'real magic'... such as telepathy, telekinesis, spoon bending and silverware bending, mind reading (he is an amazing mind reader!) and the power of the mind!

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  • "Ehud possesses an unseen talent for someone so young of age. He will mesmerize and entertain you like no other can. His talent is real as well as his charm and persona, He will make your next social event unforgettable!" (Goldie Stern, Brooklyn, New York)
  • The Mentalizer Show is definitely the best show in the United States. I never knew what to expect when my friend told me to book him, but within 1 minute this guy was inside everybody's mind and believe it or not, they didn't really want to let him out!!! (Lillian Vostis, Miami, Florida)
  • "I thought the show was fabulous and Ehud was very on target and he mesmerized us with his unique show. He kept me at the edge of my seat the whole night!" (Allie Wilson, Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • The show was unbelievable. I have seen many shows, but I have never seen anything like this in my life. He made my son's party a success. All his friends were so fascinated. Thank you so much. We enjoyed it immensely, I highly recommend this show. It's like the best show we ever, ever saw. He made the party. Thank You! (Jody Cohen, Brooklyn, New York)
  • Everyone listen carefully! I just finished watching an actual spoon made out of metal break and twist to the floor without him even using a finger! If you think this is like any other magic show you're wrong! You need to come and see for yourself and I guarantee it will change your life! (Bobby Shneider, Deal, New Jersey)
  • The Mentalizer throws a great party and is a dangerous mind reader! Lots of fun!” (Chanie, S. Brooklyn, NY)
  • "Better then anyone can expect! It's the supernatural right in front of my very own eyes!" (Robin Greenfield, Manhattan, New York)
  • "Ehud - you are incredible! Your show completely undermined my sense of reality - I was in awe! Everyone loved it - we'd have you back anytime! (Noelle Beach, Union College, Schenectady, New York)
  • “It's very difficult to please a crowd of 12 year olds and adults! The Mentalizer not only entertained us… he left us wondering: How did he do it??!! Fantastic!” (Judy Libow Herschorn, Manhattan, NY)
  • The Mentalizer show was amazing! He bent a fork in my hand! I highly recommend him, he is excellent!(Yechiel Eisenstein, Brooklyn, NY)
  • It was superb! We’re so impressed!” (Racheli Rubin, Brooklyn, NY)
  • The audience was amazed with the mentalizer's ability. The "Phone Book" is not to be missed!!!” (Jeff Pearlstein, New York)
  • "A good blend of comedy, surprises and amazement" (Rabbi Phil Sherman)
  • "Ehud was not only charming and entertaining but was completely intriguing and compelling" (Liora Zack Rosenblum, Riverdale, New York )
  • "Ehud is a mentalist. He knows what you think, even before you do. It's unbelievable!" (Ariel Taub, Bronx, New York)
  • "Watching this guy makes my head hurt" (Adrian Christie, Schenectady, New York)
  • "There's no doubt in my mind that this man is a Jedi!" (Brenda Schoof, New York)



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