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Original and Paint by Number


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African Barbershop Sign Hand Painted
African Barber Shop Painting
28" x 19" on plywood
$300 or best offer


Folk Art/Naive Art - Sailor
Great example of naive painting
Signed Juan Fernandes Cajigas Jr. 1973
Quirky Assemblage from Vintage Toy Parts
Assemblage of vintage Legos and game parts
"If You Gonna Be a Square, You Ainta Gonna Go Nowhere" (from Rosemary Clooney's "Mambo Italiano."

Paint by Number

Paint by Number
Hunting Dogs

Paint by Number
Rocks in Stream

Pastoral scene under glass, wrapped in copper tape. Approx 8" long.

Jack be Nimble vintage child's room decor. Approx 6x8


Aboriginal painting.
"Water Snake Nesting" by Lillian Inkamala

Hand made embroidered felt silhouettes "Colonial Couple" Two separate framed images under glass, sold as a pair.


Giclee Prints

A note about these prints:
These are scanned original vintage prints from my husband and my travels around the world, as well as from other sources. They have been scanned at high res and cleaned up in Photoshop as best as possible to eliminate scratches, tears, and folds, leaving some flaws of the original to make them look more authentic. They are then custom digitally printed on archival paper.

In some cases, I have added a border on the sides or top in order to force the image into a standard size for less expensive printing and easier framing. The size indicated for each print is the MAXIMUM size it can be based on the resolution of the file. I can make them smaller without a problem, but the only way to make them larger is to add a solid color border all around (which I am happy to do) or enlarge them and forfeit some resolution. I can also eliminate the additional sizing border if you'd like the original proportions, but in this case, the price may be slightly higher because it will be a non-standard print size. Price varies according to size, so if you want a size other than what's indicated, please email me and we'll work it out.

These are printed on Fine Art White Paper. If you want something different (i.e. canvas, Velvet, ultra smooth, etc.) that's easily doable but the cost will be higher. Please inquire.

Pricing reflects the actual cost of printing and the work involved in cleaningn them up, resizing and making them ready for print. (Obviously, the larger the print, the more expensive the cost of the giclee.)

Mailing costs are calculated by the printing company (who ships direct) and are based on shipment within the USA. If you'd like one of these sent somewhere else in the world, again, please email me and I'll figure out a price. (To reduce international shipping costs, I can work directly with a printer in your own country, if you supply the name/contact info/website.)

Please note that I will not see the prints before they are shipped. If there are any problems, please notify me and I will discuss/try to resolve them with the printer.

Any watermarks are for this website only. Final prints do not have watermarks, although they do carry my website name, unobtrustively, in a lower corner.

If you need a mat for an irregular size, please get in touch.
We do beveled mat cutting. Charged and shipped separately.

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Life of Buddha Vintage Indian Print
From vintage Indian print, circa 1970s. Life of the Buddha. Great colors!

max size 11"x14"
(with slightly wider side borders than shown)

Lord Krishna Vintage Print
From vintage Indian print, circa 1970s.
Lord Krishna

max size 11"x14"
(with slightly wider side borders than shown)

Jewish Turkish Woman - Vintage Print
From vintage print, purchased in a dusty book shop in Istanbul.
"Femme Juive" - Jewish Woman

max size 8.5" x 11"
(with slightly wider side borders than shown)


Dhuljanah - Ali's Horse - Vintage Print
From a vintage print purchased in Afghanistan in the mid-1970s, showing Dhuljanah, the horse of Hussein Ibn Ali. For more info, see page. Gorgeous olorsc!

max size 8.5 x 12"
(with slightly wider top border
than shown)

Ya Alllah Ya Mohammed Vintage Afghani Print
From a vintage print purchased in Afghanistan in the mid-1970s.
"Ya'Allah, Ya Mohammed"

max size 8.5 x 12"
(with slightly wider side borders than shown)

Islam vs the Crusades Vintage Print
From a vintage print purchased in Afghanistan in the mid-1970s, another Historical illustration
max size 8.5 x 12"
(with slightly wider side borders than shown)

Boss Man Monkey Matches - Giclee
Hilarious matchbook cover art. Perfect for the boss's office!
max size 4.75 x 6.75"

Vintage Egyptian Film Poster
Fabulously kitschy vintage Arab spy movie poster
Max size 6.25 x 8.75"
Vintage Chinese Poster - 1930s
Beautiful Chinese advertising poster from the 1930s
max size 11 x 14"

Chinese advertising poster from the 1930s
Beautiful Chinese advertising poster from the 1930s
max size 10 x 13"


"Chinese Girl" by Vladimir Tretchikoff
"Chinese Girl" by Vladimir Tretchikoff. 1952
10 x 11"

Peacocks - Indian Matchbook Art
Peacocks - Indian Matchbook Art
10.5 x 7"

Framable print from vintage postcard: large Burmese (Rangood) Buddha hinese advertising poster from the 1930s
$30 for 7x10.5"
50 for 14 x 21"




Please note:

All items are one of a kind and will sold on a first come, first served basis.

All items are sold "As Is." Every effort has been made to accurately describe and photograph any flaws and/or damage. No refunds unless there is significant damage which has NOT been noted before selling

Prices are exclusive of shipping and insurance, which will be automatically
calculated upon checkout.

Orders can only be shipped to a CONFIRMED ADDRESSES in the United States. This means the address you use for Pay Pal must match your credit card billing address so they (and I) know you are not using a stolen card. Once confirmed, I can ship anywhere in the U.S.A. (You can add a different "ship to" address in the body of your Pay Pal email,
or email me separately. )

If you don't have a Pay Pal account, please email me for other payment arrangements. I can directly accept all major credit cards.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them before you pay for your item(s).

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