"Frida Kalho's" Personal Ashtray

Recently, Frida Kalho's personal possessions which had been locked away in a room since her death, have once again seen the light of day. There are all kinds of interesting items and articles of clothing, from her body cast to old bottles of nail polish. Among her possessions is a small item is often mislabeled "compact." As soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what it was because I have one just like it! Until I saw Frida's I'd never seen another like it.

It's a small personal ashtray, designed to be carried in the purse. Cigarette butts (or roaches, if you're so inclined) can be stored inside until they can be neatly disposed of.

see Frida's items here

Wouldn't you love to own this great little vintage item just like Frida carried?


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Frida Kalho's cigarette case

Frida Kalho's cigarette case



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