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NOTE: Use this form ONLY if you have already been in touch with us
and know that a performer is available for your event.
If you have not had previous contact with us, and need info
about availability and price, please go HERE instead.


This form will ultimately be sent to the performer,
which is how he/she gets all the info about your event
(minus your personal info)
It's imperitive that you fill out the form completely --
even if you and I have previously discussed the details of the job.
This assures that your performer has all the info he/she needs --
in your own words
i.e. where they are going, who they are impersonating (if relevant),
if there are any particular songs or costumes you want etc.
That way, there is no chance that this info might be
accidentally miscommunicated by me to them.
If it's not here, it's not part of the contract!!
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Full name of person in whose name contract will be:
Full email address of above person:
Email where contract should be sent, if different:
Occasion/type of event/Guest of honor: (who/what this is for?)
(please include name of guest of honor/age, if relevant or corporate name if applicable)
Day of Week (please make sure it matches the date!)
Time you would like the performer to begin (NOT time of party!)
Agreed upon length of performance (just to be sure there are no misunderstandings, discrepancies or unpleasant surprises!)
Agreed upon amount (Oh, I'll check....this is just to make sure we're on the same page! ) (Please note, tipping is always welcome and appreciated, although not obligatory)
Location of Event: (i.e. name of venue/ home of/ name of business, etc.)
Street Address of Event:
City, State of Event:
Zip Code of event location:
(important for mapping directions!)
Contact person(s) at event and their contact numbers in case of emergency day of event:(i.e. DJ, maitre d', catering manager, secretary, or maybe you!) Please provide at least ONE land line number for the venue, as cell service is notoriously unreliable.
Type of Entertainment (i.e. type of act/name of performer/etc)

Your Street Address (or that of person whose name the contract will be in. If corporate job, provide business address.)
Your City, State, Zip (or that of person whose name the contract will be in)
Your Phone Numbers:
What kind of sound system is available?
Is there a private, secure room or office for the performer(s) to change, get into makeup and safely stow their belongings before/during their performance (if necessary)? In a word or two, briefly describe. Please note, in most cases, a public bathroom is NOT acceptable.
If a microphone is needed, (i.e. for a singer or comic), is one available?

yes    no    not needed

It's always helpful for the performer to have a sense of the kind of space he/she is performing in. In a few words, please us know the kind of venue, how big the room is, and how much space will they have to perform? (i.e "home living room -- tight space" or "large private room in restaurant")
If you are booking any performer(s) where the surface of the floor might be an issue, (ie dancers, stiltwalkers, unicyclists, acrobatics, stunt fighters), please let us know what that surface will be, so they can properly accommodate it:

How would you like to pay:
(For your own security, please do not include any credit card info with this form!! There will be a place for you to add it on the contract)
Approximate number of guests:

If you'd like to provide any additional info about your event, (i.e.driving directions, special instructions to the performer, details about the guest of honor, etc.) dis is de place: (performer will get a copy of this form so say whatever you like!) Note: even though you might have mentioned a certain request or detail in a previous conversation with me (i.e. preferred songs or costume or other instructions), please reiterate it here. I speak to a lot of clients every day and Bubby's memory is not what it used to be! Since the performer(s) sees this email, your request will be "right from the horse's mouth" as it were.

Is this a surprise for the guest of honor?

yes    no

If this is a gift, how would you like to sign the message? Or whom shall we say this is from? (please write your message exactly as you'd like it to appear on the note.)

How did you hear about us? (Please cite the referring link or the words you entered in the search engine, if relevant. Thanks!)

By clicking submit, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the conditions of the contract, below.

If you do not get a contract or otherwise hear from us within 2 business days, please call us!! It's possible that either your form or our contract was lost in cyberspace.

© Adrienne E. Gusoff/BubbyGram 2023


Sometimes, I am away from the office and do not have ready access to my computer.
If your job is coming up quickly, and we need to go to contract immediately,
in order to expedite things, I ask that you download the contract file below,
open in it Adobe Acrobat, fill it out,
sign it and return it to me, either by fax or email. This is in addition
to completing the contract form above. Thank you!
(There is no need to use this form unless I've directed you here specifically)
PDF Contract


Contracts secured with declined credit/debit cards -- even as collateral only -- are NOT considered VALID until we have an alternate form of payment. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Sample contract only

Agreement made between ____________and Adrienne Gusoff of Bubby Gram of NY, NY

Occasion: ___________________Date of Event: ______________time: __________  pm

Location: _______________________________________________________________

Phone number/contact at Event :_____________________________________________

Type of Entertainment: ___________________________________________________

Amount: $ ($ if returned after ) Payment due in full at or before performance

Non-Refundable deposit of 50% due upon booking. Final Payment due ten days prior to event OR credit card number provided as collateral to guarantee deposit, full or final payment. (note: Job is not considered “booked” until payment and/or contract is received. To assure your entertainment, please pay promptly. Fees paid by credit card or Pay Pal are subject to an 8.625% surcharge).

Bubby Gram agrees to reserve this date and to send the entertainment, as discussed with client and outlined in this contract, under the described conditions and charges. Client stipulates that when personal information about the guest of honor is being used by Performer (i.e. in a roast) it shall be left to the Performer's sole discretion as to which portions of that information will be employed in the context of his/her act . Bubby Gram interviews and screens all performers carefully before using them, however BG is not liable for anything more than a return of monies paid to BG to date should the performer fail to appear due to illness, accident or emergencies beyond their/our control, and if we cannot find a suitable substitute.

Should Client, for any reason, decide not to proceed with this engagement, Client shall be liable to Bubby Gram for all expenditures incurred by Bubbygram, herewith, including the “hold this date” fee paid to performers, any prepaid travel expenses (i.e. airfare) paid by Bubby Gram or Performer, and/or specially made or purchased costumes, props, etc. as set out in this contract. Client understands that by setting aside a day and time for their event, a performer will likely turn down other paying jobs for that same time, hence the non-refundable fee If order is cancelled two weeks or fewer to engagement, payment is due IN FULL to Bubby Gram. Returned check fee is $30. Fees paid by credit card or PayPal are subject to 8.625% surcharge.

Client understands that performers are freelance agents, contracted by Bubby Gram on an event-by-event basis thus Bubby Gram does not provide insurance. (Insurance, if necessary, can be purchased separately.) Client agrees to hold Bubby Gram harmless for any damage or injury caused by performers while they are on Client's premise or at Client's event. Client agrees not to seek compensation, damages or legal remedy from Bubby Gram or Adrienne E. Gusoff; and agrees to hold Bubby Gram and Adrienne E. Gusoff harmless in such circumstance. Client agrees to lock up or restrain any pets which might be in the residence, so they will not interfere with performer or performance. Client further agrees to prevent guests from making physical contact with and/or harassing (sexually or otherwise) the performers in any way. Should the performer feel in any way threatened by a guest or guests, and if a warning to cease and desist such behavior is not immediately heeded, s/he may leave the premises, and the contract considered executed in full.

When hiring a celebrity impersonator, Client agrees not to announce, advertise, promote or in any way misrepresent to the public the impersonator as the actual celebrity. Should Client do so, in express contradiction of this clause, Client shall be solely responsible for any resulting legal consequences, including but not limited to lawsuits from the actual celebrity.

It is the client's sole responsibility for ensuring there is an adequate sound system at the venue, if needed by performer, unless otherwise specified in the contract. Client agrees to provide or assure sufficient space for performer(s) to perform, and further agrees to assure that the venue is appropriately lit, heated/air-conditioned, ventilated; and that staging, if applicable, is in safe and good order. Client agrees to insure the safety of the performer(s) and performer(s) equipment and personal possessions while at the venue. Client agrees to assure a suitable private and secure changing area will be provided to the performer(s), if needed. Photos and videos may be taken of Performer for client's own personal use however such images shall not be posted on any website (including YouTube, MySpace et al) or used for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to advertising, business websites, etc. without the express written consent of the performer, or unless otherwise stipulated in this contract.

Client understands that it is his/her responsibility to assure that the venue agrees to the contracted entertainment and that the guest of honor (if relevant) is present at the time agreed upon. Should the performer be barred from entertaining by the premises/venue or if the guest of honor not be present (within reasonable waiting time of 15 minutes) Client stipulates that the contract has been executed in full on the part of Bubby Gram, and agrees to payment in full.

If Performer is delayed from performing by the Client, by the designated contact person at the event, or by a representative of the Client's venue (i.e. catering manager) for more than 15 minutes, and if the Performer is able to wait, an additional pro-rated hourly surcharge shall apply, broken down into quarter hour increments,. (For example, if a performer is hired for one hour at $500, and is kept waiting for 16 minutes, there will be an overtime charge of $125. A half hour wait incurs a fee of $250.) If performer arrives on time, ready to perform, and Client or Client's venue delays the performance to such an extent that it would cause Performer to miss or be late for another scheduled job (either BG's or that of another agent), Performer may leave Client's party/venue and Client stipulates that Performer and Bubby Gram portion of the contract has been fully executed, and agrees to pay in full. Performers shall do their utmost to arrive within a half hour of the time specified, however Client understands that from time to time circumstances beyond Performers' control may delay arrival (i.e. traffic, getting lost, hold ups at a previous event.) If delayed, Performer (or BG) will call client at the contact number(s) provided, and provide a new estimated time of arrival. If Client accepts the performance at the new time, Client agrees to pay in full and make no further claims against BG or Performer.

Client agrees not to solicit Performer directly, or supply Performer's contact info to anyone else, with regard to booking future jobs. If any such arrangements are made with the Performer, Client agrees to pay BG an agent's fee.

This contract and the prices therein are VOID unless returned within one week unless otherwise agreed.

Where Client is a corporation, unincorporated association, partnership or other legal entity, this agreement will be binding on such legal entities as well as on the individual executing it on its behalf.

Client agrees to pay attorney fees, collection fees, court costs, and any other expenses incurred in collecting any charges under this agreement or otherwise enforcing the terms of this contract. This contract shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of New York State . Further, the parties agree that any cause of actions that may arise as a result of this Agreement or otherwise, shall be brought forth in a court of law in the State of New York , in the borough of Queens . Any outstanding balances not received at or before the event, for any reason, shall incur a 10% per month late fee, until paid in full.

I have read this contract and agree to all its conditions:          

Adrienne E. Gusoff _________________________________________________________________________
for Bubby Gram                 signature                                                                              date

 ___________________________________________________________ _____________________________
Client Name (please print)                                          Client Signature                      date

Client address

Phone H: __________________   w:___________________    cell: _________   email: __________________ 

Credit Card#: __________________________ ______________ _______ exp_____/______ 3-4 digit #_____
[] pay balance with card  []hold card as collateral for balance

check one: [] Master Card []Visa [] American Express Fees paid by credit card or Pay Pal are subject to an 8.625% tax/surcharge

  Name on Card: [ ] same as above [] other______________________________________________________

  If other, signature:__________________________________________________________________________

  Billing Address: [ ] same as above [ ]other ______________________________________




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